19 August 2013

Program for schools

Program for schools

The EJU has developed a variety of school programs which adapt to the sports facilities of schools, without the need of a tatami or very special materials for the program development. The material is prepared by our EJU experts.

The Target of the program: Kinder Garden and Primary School.
1. It´s easier to adapted content of Physical education and sports program to a teacher in school and give him proper certification.

2. The logistic is cheaper, lighter puzzle mats, material of the school, and without judogi.

3. In this age groups, the character building and all moral is developed which Judo has a very important role.

The lessons are packages for:
SCHOOLS: Elementary Schools (from 6 to 8 years)
> Program: 10 lessons
> Session 45 minutes
> without Judogi

Connection between the University, the federation and the clubs.
Plan for former and development at the University.

EJU Seminar for experts who visit each country to submit content for Universities.
The University of Brescia had an experience a few years ago, which after 4 years of study Physical Education teachers came specialising in Judo, there are similar experiences in other European countries.
This program at Brescia University will be implemented and can be exported to other European countries.

Judo as promotion and communication tool
Judo is a way of communication. Judo is the benchmark for many sports. The leaders in judo, IJF President Marius L. Vizer, has been elected as President of Sports Umbrella organisation SportAccord. Judo is recognised as one of the leading Olympic sports.

In the longer term the EJU aims, in cooperation with other organisation, ministries, universities and federations, to organise a seminar on the proposal to introduce judo at school.