Referee Webinar

Referee Webinar

During the Corona pandemic all events were canceled and also the EJU Referee Seminar couldn’t take place. So the Referee commission have decided to show the different cases online in a REFEREE WEBINAR.

On each TUESDAY we published a video with five examples from selected situations (each week a different situation). The detailed explanation video with qualified answer from the EJU Referee Commission were published 3 days later. Altogether 25 videos with 125 clips are online and can be watched for all those interested in keeping up to date, and testing their refereeing knowledge.


Main Topics

(1) Waza-Ari or Ippon (Friday 10 April)
(2) Waza-Ari or No Score (Friday 17 April)
(3) Waza-Ari or No Score (Continuation) (Tuesday 21 April)
(4) Waza-Ari or No Score (Control) (Tuesday 28 April)
(5) Waza-Ari or No Score (Impact elbow) (Tuesday 5 May)
(6) Kaeshi Waza (Tuesday 12 May)
(7) Ne-Waza or Tachi-Waza (Tuesday 19 May)
(8) Osae-Komi or No Osae-Komi (Tuesday 26 May)
(9) Inside or Outside (Tuesday 2 June)
(10) Mate Situations (Tuesday 9 June)
(11) Pushing out or Stepping out (Tuesday 16 June)
(12) Grip below belt (Tuesday 23 June)
(13) False Attack (Tuesday 30 June)
(14) Illegal Joint Locks (Tuesday 7 July)
(15) Non Classical Grips (Tuesday 14 July)
(16) Bridge / Head Defense (Tuesday 21 July)
(17) Negative or not (Tuesday 28 July)
(18) Shido or Not (Tuesday 4 August)
(19) Hansoku Make or Not (1) (Tuesday 11 August)
(20) Hansoku Make or Not (2) (Tuesday 18 August)
(21) Miscellaneous (Tuesday 25 August)
(22) Waza-Ari or Ippon (Tuesday 1 September)
(23) Waza-Ari or Ippon (Tuesday 8 September)
(24) Waza-Ari or Ippon (Tuesday 15 September)
(25) Waza-Ari or No Score (Tuesday 22 September)
(26) Score or No Score (Tuesday, 09 February)