9 April 2024


1st Scientific-Professional Conference and Practical Demonstrative Activities of Adapted Judo


Following the informative day in the FIJLKAM (Italian Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts Federation) Olympic Centre, where experts and invited lecturers presented their studies for adapted judo, today the instructors and professionals demonstrated their work. Sessions with children and adapted judoka like took place on the same tatami we see the Rome European Open.

Not only did we see the experts and lecturers from day one, but we also welcomed the likes of Tokyo Olympic bronze medallist, Maria CENTRACCHIO who has moved seamlessly in to a coaching role following her retirement from competition. Opening the practical event was the President of the European Judo Union, Dr TOTH Laszlo,

On behalf of EJU, I would like to commend Italian Judo, they are doing an excellent job. This work speaks to our ethos and is creating one family, this moment, the practical work on the tatami and the scientific basis yesterday, it is proof that judo is more than sport. 

It makes me very proud and happy to be here with you all today, and not only thanks to Italian Judo, but also to European Judo’s Vice President, Sergei Aschwanden and his team in the Education Sector, you are helping to build a beautiful future.  

EJU President, Dr TOTH Laszlo. © Emanuele Di Feliciantonio

There are many people here, but I must acknowledge a European Judo, International Judo Federation and of course, Italian Judo legend, Mr Franco Cappelletti, he is a pillar of our community. 

It is important to me that there is always support for our family, and now I want to thank the families here, we are here to support you. Of course a special thanks to each sensei, to all of the coaches, because without you, none of us would be standing here to continue this work. 

For the first two parts, the practical work included direction from the Katautism Project, managed by Nicole Maussier and ‘Simone’s Adventure’ Project followed.

In the initial part of the programme, the Katautism project saw over 50 children on the tatami and it was noted by Dr Toth, that there were no differences between what he saw, and a regular training session in any club, and that this is the point of this sport. Judo is the perfect sport to accommodate adapted athletes. This mirrored the feelings of Manager of the Adapted Judo Project of the European Judo Union, Marina Draskovic yesterday, that when we can drop the ‘inclusive’ part of the title is when we know we have succeeded.

Following, the ‘Divisioning’ and ‘Adapted Judo with new EJU rules’ were put to practice and explained to the coaches present. This aspect is of great importance, after so much work done already by the experts in this field to correctly categorise adapted judoka, with the primary factor being safety of the athletes. his involved coaches and referees, and a competition was held.

Author: Thea Cowen