9 May 2024


Radom Kata Tournament 2024


The EJU Kata Tour has been persistent since the beginning of the year with the next stop being Radom, Poland. This is the last kata European cup ahead of the European Judo Championships Kata 2024. Around 51 pairs from 10 countries will be heading to this first-time location.

EJU Head Kata Commissioner, Dr Slavisa Bradic is delighted to convey the first of its kind in Poland.

As part of the EJU Kata tour, this year, for the first time, organized kata competition takes place in Radom, Poland. After the intensification of Kata activities in Poland, which the national federation monitors and supports actively, now they are also part of the EJU Kata Tour, which also indicates EJU’s support and confidence in the quality of the work of the Polish Judo Federation.

The EJU tournament in Radom will be held according to the standard rules thus a seminar and exam for new Kata judges will be part of the schedule too. Moreover, after the competition an additional seminar will be held where the following topics will be covered:

  1. Children Kata Festival
  2. Nage-no-Kata
  3. Katame-no-Kata

Poland will thus get the opportunity and support to develop its potentials to the maximum capacity in kata. The theme of the Children Kata Festival will be familiarisation with this project through the definition of common goals and the organisation of the festival this year. Nage-no-Kata and Katame-no-Kata will be focus-points with EJU experts from the educational, competitive, refereeing and coaching point of view. The seminar will be led by EJU Head Kata Commissioner, Dr. Slavisa Bradic as well as kata committee members Stefan Bernreuther and Dimitri Nemegaire.


Attention: The schedule may be modified according to total number of entries and circumstance of competition. * The start time will be confirmed once the final number of athletes is known.

Author: Szandra Szogedi