29 November 2022


EJU Medical Seminar 2022


Last week was an exciting one for the European Judo Union in terms of competition as we saw the the finale of the calendar take place in Gori, Georgia for the European Club Championships – Champions League. 

However, whilst the focus was on the tatami and the athletes, as well as their preparation and arrival for the memorable tournament, those responsible for their safety and well-being were rallied in Istanbul, Türkiye, for the EJU Medical Seminar 2022 with hot topics on the roster. 

Welcoming the participants of the seminar were Chair of the EJU Medical Commission, Mr Envic GALEA and EJU Head Medical Commissioner, Dr Peter SMOLDERS, followed by a welcome from the IJF representatives; Chair of the IJF Medical Commission Dr Antonio CASTRO and IJF Coaching and Education Director Mr Mohamed MERIDJA. 

Meridja, on behalf of the IJF President Mr Marius VIZER welcomed the participants and thanked the EJU, saying that together with Dr Castro they were honoured to be present at the medical seminar, gathering many medical specialists from the judo community.

This seminar began with a new approach, supported by the new EJU Executive Committee and President of the EJU, Dr László TÓTH, in an effort to have closer collaboration with the IJF. 

Galea had previously expressed that national federations and their medical officials be encouraged to attend this event and continue with their contribution to the development of safe judo which has introduced measures making our sport one of the safest in the Olympic Games lineup. There was a secondary goal of this seminar, with the EJU Medical Commission offering more valuable material to the researchers. The hope is to provide the judo medical community with the opportunity to both submit presentations during the seminar and to allow the publication of papers on medical judo topics.

Over the course of the two day seminar, with 33 delegates and a record number of contributions, there was cause for great discussion on present topics. 

What’s new in WADAArnold BRONS
Statistics of injuries during Europe’s top level events in the period 2005-2022 and did Covid influence this?Peter SMOLDERS
The most frequent injuries of the judoka during Olympic preparation in PortugalMarcos CARVALHO
The classification of articles in the IJF Academy JournalTibor KOZSLA
Revalidation after judo injuriesZurab KAKHARISHVILI
Prolotherapy, PRP and Regenerative Treatments in Sport MedicineTurgay DEMIRAY
Judo-specific rehabilitation of long-term injuriesJacob EYRES
Judo injuries in SloveniaKlemen Ales PILIH
The Covid situation: the protocol, positive cases, vaccination rate, future perspectives Andrea EMBER
Review of 6 years data on strangulation in the UK assessment and treatment protocolJo BANKS
Presentation of our studies about falling inspired by ukemiHans CARLSEN
VO2max development in children and adolescents Ivan BOHACEK
Statistical data on injuries in the heavyweight category Peter SMOLDERS
IOC Paper on gender changeKristiina PEKKOLA/Antonio CASTRO
Medical Seminar Schedule © EJU Media

The Turkish Olympic Committee General Secretary, Mrs Neşe Gündoğan and the President of the Turkish Judo Federation, Mr Sezer HUYSUZ attended parts of the seminar. The 2023 edition of this seminar was offered to be held in Tbilisi by Dr Zurab KAKHARISHVILI. 

Author: Thea Cowen