25 April 2010

Report second day European Cup for Cadets in Teplice

Today the crowd at the European Cup for Cadets Cup in Teplice witnessed a lot of spectacular matches and lovely judo.

Former prime minister and the leader of the Czech Socialist Democratic Party attended the tournament and awarded the prices. The awarding ceremony was lead by a participant of the Miss Earth 2007 competition.

57 kg: Lola Tielemans was unstoppable today. She threw her semifinal opponent for waza-ari and finished her with a pin. The final match was pretty close but Tielemans scored winning yuko with soto maki komi some 25 seconds before the end of the match.

73 kg: Perhaps the most beautiful match of the day was the final in -73. Alessandro De Luca of Italy scored a yuko with seoi nage first but Mihaly Setalo of Hungary did not give up. He launched a storming attack with o soto gari and scored waza-ari. He immediately followed with a pin a scored second waza-ari. Setalo was awarded the ippon trophy for Sunday.

63 kg: German Franziska Barnsteiner scored a yuko by o uchi gari at the beginning of the match and finished Magdalena Krssakova of Austria by an uchi mata for ippon. But Krssakova also showed some nice techniques during the day and particularly her ko uchi gari in her semifinal match was a spectacular throw.

81 kg: Hungary brought a very strong team to Teplice and Krisztián Toth added another gold in -81. He won the final fight by waza-ari with a lovely uchi mata.

70 kg: This category brought perhaps the most dramatic final which was decided in the golden match. Fifteen seconds before the end of the golden match Lisa Schneider (GER) scored a beautiful ippon with a powerful o soto gari.

90 kg: Nicolas Damico of Italy threw his opponent in his semifinal match with harai goshi. He continued with the same technique in the final match and scored another ippon. Then he enjoyed his time on the podium very much singing the national anthem with the whole Italian team.

+70 kg: Anastasiya Sapsai of the Ukraine ended the final match with a powerful sumi-gaeshi and scored ippon.

+90 kg: This category was dominated by Ukrainian athletes. In the final Yakiv Khammo threw his team mate with a devastating tani otoshi and scored ippon.

Germany won the trophy for the most successful team of the competition.

Teplice, in the Czech Republic, is looking forward to seeing young judoka in two month again when the European U17 Championships will be held.