6 October 2010

Research award for EJU doctor Maximilien Jung

Research award for EJU doctor Maximilien Jung

Recently at the summit of European Orthopaedics Research in Davos one of the EJU doctors, Maximilien Jung, received an award for his research about ….

The EORS awards ceremony was held as part of the closing ceremony of the EORS2010 summit, that was attended by more than 300 researchers and clinicians from over 22 countries-most European countries as well as many attendees from outside Europe.

Dr. Jung: “The main point of the research is to prove the feasibility of measuring the real time functioning of a skeletal muscle cell. Not only the fact that the cell stores Glucose, like the technique with FDG Glucose, but also that the cell is functioning, with our Acetate method.”
“It is the difference between proving that you have fuel in your car and proving that the car is driving. Our setting demonstrates also that after a total hip arthroplasty (artificial hip) some of the muscles which were not involved in the surgery were unable to function for more than three weeks. For us this gives important information to all physicians involved in the rehabilitation of these operations.”

EORS2010 presented a strong scientific programm with 100 of the submitted abstracts selected for presentations in three parallel sessions, and 140 poster presentations, in addition to the 17 invited keynotes lectures.

The conference was held in the new congress facilities of the Hotel Morosani Schweizerhof, this informal setting combined with the nice weather and the good mix of clinicians and researchers encouraged much discussion and exchange of ideas during the coffee breaks and poster sessions.

Dr. Jung is seeded in the EJU Medical Commission. All contact details of the commissioners of the medical commission can be found here.