19 September 2009

Review Day 1 of the GB World Cup

Review Day 1 of the GB World Cup

At the first day of the GB World Cup in Birmingham the British public could clap their hands for Kimberley Renicks who won the title U48kg. 21-year old Renicks scored her first ever World Cup victory and medal. The Scottish woman seemed to have found her ideal weight category after switching to a lower weight last year.
Finally a light weight wins the British World Cup. That’s was a long time ago. Other successful U48 GBR judoka where Joyce Heron (mid nineties), Karen Briggs (82-92) and Jane Bridge (76-82).

“I am actually really happy with that result, it was the first time that I have beaten her,” said Renicks. “Last year I finished fifth at this event so it is better to come back here and medal. The home crowd
has been really important, that support kept me going.”

Her opponent Lisa Kearney however also fought a historical match. She is the first to reach the final at a World Cup ever for the Republic of Ireland. In the men’s category Cieran Ward and Keith Gough both won bronze medals in World Cups in 1991. But it’s the first women’s medal ever in international events.

Ireland had a good fighter U60kg in Alonzo Henderson late seventies, but in that time there were no World Cups, nor A-tournaments, the previous name of this competition.

In the U52kg category Ilse Heylen beat her Brazilian opponent Raquel Silva ne-waza. In a nice match former European Champion Heylen could hold her second attempt on the ground with a hold down. 32-year old Heylen won her 10th World Cup ever in her career and her 22nd medal.
Silva won the silver again after winning that colour at the World Cup in Lisbon as well and the World Cup of Belo Horizonte last year.

Denis Lavrentiev (RUS) won the U60kg title in a tough match against Julien Ottaviani (FRA). Both youngsters haad never won a medal in such international event, but where both successful in the U20 and U23 where do won a number of medals, but never the title. Today Lavrentiev won the GB World Cup and the national anthem was played for him.
James Millar (GBR) won the bronze for his home crowd, as well as Sofiane Milous (FRA).

In the final U66kg David Larose (FRA) defeated Leandro Cunha (BRA) in the last 10 seconds by ippon.

The final U57kg was won by Viola Waechter from Germany defeating Michelle Diemeer by an oseikomi. It was her first ever World Cup win and third medal. Waechter was the runner up of the World Junior Championships of 2006. She beat former European U20 champion Diemeer who had won two medals at World Cups in Lisbon and Madrid previously this year.
Miryam Roper won the bronze in 15 seconds beating Alessia Regis (ITA). Rafaela Silva took the fifth Brazilian medal today.

In the U73kg category Guillaume Chaine (FRA) won his first ever World Cup medal. Chaine defeated Nicholas Tritton with a fantastic ippon.
Tritton won his fifth World Cup medal, but this was a disappointing one losing against the French youngster. Head coach Nicolas Gill won 7 of 10 Canadian men’s World Cups/A-tournaments.

The bronze was for Alex Farbon (GBR) who beat Martin Thiblin (NOR) in a long fight who could have won the first ever international medal for Norway outside his country. He won the World Cup in Drammen, but bow lost his chance, where Farbon took the opportunity to win his first World Cup medal.
Mohamed Riad (FRA) won the other bronze.

In the last category of the day Sarah Clark won the title U63kg. Clark recovered from her poor performance at the World Championships three weeks ago by defeating Hilde Drexler (AUT) in today’s final.
Clark won the gold with a fantastic left uchi-mata and needed only half of the time. Clark won silver in at the British Open in Birmingham in 2001 and bronze in 2006 at the World Cup. Today the British crowd was good for her again, supporting her in her old weight category U63kg.
Despite the loss Hilde Drexler was quite satisfied with her performance. In 2001 she won her last and only World Cup medal so far in Sofia.

“It felt good today,” said Clark. “I am pleased that I gave people something to shout about. My build up has been good all year, it is just a shame that the World Championships weren’t as good.”

“Looking ahead I need to make sure that I am making progress month by month. I know I have been doing that I just didn’t do myself justice at the World Championships.”

Esther Stam (NED) beat Katrien Verheeke (BEL) in a Dutch language bout. Triple European youth Champion Stam was better than 3-year older Verheeke who had a better track record in the seniors. Anne Laure Poli won a French battle for bronze against Cindy Madelrieux.