29 August 2015


World Championships


Teddy Riner (FRA)
+100kg GOLD medalist

“I expected the victory today however the Japanese should not be underestimated, and I had many injuries recently. To win today was not my ultimate goal, as my biggest target is the 2nd gold at the Olympics. I have only one year and I need to work hard.”

Karl-Richard Frey (GER)
100kg SILVER medalist

“It was a close final match and maybe there was more possible but I am happy with the result.” 

“I have fought Krpalek very often, he is a excellent judoka. He beat me three times in the past but today I wanted to change that and I did well.” 

“I have a strong opponent im my weight class in Germany [Dimitri Peters] and only one can go to the Games. This could be a hard battle but I believe in myself.” 

Iakiv Khammo (UKR)
+100kg BRONZE medalist

“I don’t know how I won this medal. This is a very big surprise for me. It was completely unexpected. Maybe it was just good luck.”

Adam Okruashvili (GEO) 
+100kg BRONZE medalist

“Winning gold in Baku at the European Games definitely gave me an extra boost.  It was a great mega-event and after I won that title I continued training everyday and it gave me more confidence to do more attacks and to do my best I can… Of course I planned for more than  winning a bronze but at the end of the day I am very happy to win a medal…”

Dimiti Peters (GER)
-100kg BRONZE medalist

“I hate to lose with a shido, I prefer to score on the mat and not to give it into the hand of the referees.” 

“It was not a problem to motivate myself for the last fight. I put everything into it. In the last fight you can spend all what you have because it is the last fight.”

Toma Nikiforov (BEL)
-100kg BRONZE medalist

“This was my first medal at the World Championships and I am very happy to bring this medal to my country.”

“My coach was important for me. He gave me the right words to motivate me and push me forward.”

“Two years ago I won bronze at the Junior World Championships and now the bronze medal on senior level. I am so happy to reach this top level so fast.” 

“I had some hard cramps in my hand and the bone of my middle finger went out many times. I had to push back this bone all the time. This was the reason that I tried to extend my fingers.” 

“After my injury and even if I got three shidos I said to myself: That is not the end. The fight is finished only after sore mate and until this time everything is possible.”