9 June 2024


Madrid European Open 2024


Since the establishment of the Royal Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports in 1949, it has been instrumental in promoting the development of judo, aikido, jiu-jitsu, wushu, kendo and personal defence, all of which promote physical skill, disciple, respect and perseverance, pillars of our sport.

Throughout these years, we have been witness to numerous Spanish icons, Olympic, World and European Champions, some of which we see now on the IJF World Tour. The RFEJYDA can be proud knowing that success on the tatami is not all they have achieved, but community development and the integration of judo values is immeasurable.

To commemorate this special occasion, RFEJYDA are pleased to present the anniversary logo, under the slogan: “75 years of togetherness and commitment: A legacy of inspiration for tomorrow.” This design not only symbolizes the anniversary, but also a renewed commitment to their values ​​and goals.

Olympic MedallistsWorld Medallists
Almudena MUÑOZ -52kg 1992 GoldMiriam BLASCO -56kg 1989 Bronze
Miriam BLASCO SOTO -56kg 1992 GoldMiriam BLASCO -56kg 1991 Gold 
Yolanda SOLER -48kg 1996 BronzeJoaquin RUIZ -71kg 1991 Silver
Isabel FERNÁNDEZ -56kg 1996 Bronze Almudena MUÑOZ -52kg 1993 Silver
Isabel FERNÁNDEZ -57kg 2000 GoldLeon VILLAR -86kg 1993 Bronze 
Isabel FERNÁNDEZ -56kg 1997 Gold
Sara ALVAREZ -61kg 1997 Bronze
Raquel BARRIENTOS Open Weight 1997 Silver
Isabel FERNÁNDEZ -57kg 1999 Silver
Sara ALVAREZ -63kg 1999 Bronze
Isabel FERNÁNDEZ -57kg 2001 Bronze
Sara ALVAREZ -63kg 2001 Silver
Esther SAN MIGUEL -78kg 2003 Bronze
Kiyoshi UEMATSU -73kg 2005 Bronze
Isabel FERNÁNDEZ -57kg 2007 Silver
Oiana BLANCO -48kg 2009 Silver 
Ana CARRASCOSA -52kg 2009 Bronze 
Sugoi URIATE -66kg 2009 Silver
Ana CARRASCOSA  -52kg 2011 Bronze 
Maria BERNABEU -70kg 2015 Silver
Maria BERNABEU -70kg 2017 Bronze
Nikoloz SHERAZADISHVILI -90kg 2018 Gold
Francisco GARRIGOS -60kg 2021 Bronze
Julia FIGUEROA -48kg 2021 Bronze
Ana PEREZ BOX -52kg 2021 Silver
Nikoloz SHERAZADISHVILI -90kg 2021 Gold
Francisco GARRIGOS -60kg 2023 Gold
Tristani MOSAKHLISHVILI -90kg 2024 Bronze
Nikoloz SHERAZADISHVILI -100kg 2024 Bronze

Author: Thea Cowen