6 April 2024


Dubrovnik Senior European Cup 2024


The 10th anniversary of the European Cup in Dubrovnik brought together exactly 350 judokas from 28 different countries. The competition in “Gospina polje” once again proved to be a great destination, and two-time world champion Barbara MATIĆ also came to accompany the team from the stands.

In the category up to 73 kg, as many as 45 judoka fought for medals today, and the most successful was Jano RUEBO (GER).

Thank you very much, its unbelievable, last year I won my first medal here in Dubrovnik and now the second one here, it’s good to be back on podium. It was a very spontaneous decision that I will fight here, I just cut the weight, I wanted to fight, I wanted to do my job and I think I did well. Next stop is European Championships Mixed Teams in Zagreb, I’m always happy to be in Croatia.

Nina Simić won another gold medal in the -63kg category. Today, 28 judoka competed in the -63kg category.

Fantastic, especially now after Riga, I couldn’t enter the final because we would have risked an injury, we didn’t know if it was something dangerous or not. So I wanted to repeat that final to know what it’s like to be in it, and I’m really glad that ten days later I showed that I could actually be there.

Well, honestly, maybe even that interview we had where we said that next year we would go up the scale, but now we have climbed two.

Before the final block, a ceremonial opening was held, and everyone present was greeted by the President of the Croatian Judo Federation and the Director of Education of the International Judo Federation, Ph.D. Sanda ČORAK:

On behalf of the Croatian Judo Federation, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 10th edition of the European Cup in Dubrovnik. It is special for us that we have more than 350 competitors here, and on this occasion I congratulate the organizers from Judo club “Dubrovnik 1966” on another great and successful competition. I want to thank all the participants for coming to Dubrovnik and I hope you will have some time for sightseeing. It is a special year, we are looking forward to the upcoming European Championship in Zagreb, but also to the Olympic Games in Paris this summer. See you soon in Zagreb.

Tihea TOPOLOVEC (AJK “Mladost” – Zagreb) remained within reach of the medal in the -57kg category, considering that due to disqualification she did not have the right to perform in the fight for the bronze medal against Kristina NISAVIĆ (SRB). In the morning part of the competition, she won against Danique JANSSEN (NED) and Lanine SOLLEY (GBR), and was defeated in the semi-final by Jane ZIEGLER (GER).

In the -66kg category, Nikola ZOROTOVIĆ (JK “Kaštela”) finished in seventh place with six registered fights during the day, of which four wins and two losses. He was better against Samuel WAIZENGGER (SUI), Patrick HINTERBERGER (AUT), David ICKES (GER) and Petr RADOVIĆ (MNE). He recorded defeats at the hands of Luca CAGGIANO (ITA) and Nance KRIJTHEA (NED).

The second day of the competition continues tomorrow at 9:00 am. The men’s categories -81kg, -90kg, -100kg, +100kg and the women’s weight categories -70kg, -78kg and +78kg are scheduled. You can watch the broadcast live on JudoTV.com.

Author: Mario Krvavac