22 May 2011

Russia overclasses the rest with 100% pure gold

Russia overclasses the rest with 100% pure gold

Russia was dominant at the second day of European Cup for seniors in Orenburg. Today the heavy categories were on the tatami with in each final a Russian fighter.
The women’s category U78 category only Ivanna Makukha of the Ukraine was able to reach the final as only non-Russian, but Russian Anastasia Dmitrieva was too strong for Makukha who missed a counter attack from Dmitrieva and the spectators watched a wonderful te-guruma.
Dutch Jennifer Kuijpers and Ivana Maranic (CRO) were standing at the most international podium of today.
Polina Belousova won +78kg category against Ekaterina Sheremetova, both Russians. U70kg also a Russian final won by the talented Daria Davydova against Irina Shmeltser.

The men’s U81kg Stanislav Semenov kept his title as he was the winner of this Cup last year. In the final he defeated Alan Betanov.

The same was for Magomed Magomedov U90kg, the junior World Champion of 2010. On his way to the first place he passed his more experienced teammates, among them Azamat Sitimov, winner of a World Cup and silver medalist of U23 European Championships 2010.

Adlan Bisultanov became the winner of the U100kg category.
In the heavy weight category Sergey Prokin, Russian Champion of 2010, made the final accord with a pure ippon against his teammate Soslan Dzhanaev.

Find pictures and full results here:

-81 kg:
1. Stanislav Semenov, RUS
2. Alan Betanov, RUS
3. Maxim Buga, RUS
3. Alexander Grigorev, RUS
5. Mohamed Abdelaal, EGY
5. Sergey Kozel, RUS
7. Jaromir Musil, CZE
7. Andrey Poroshin, RUS

-90 kg:
1. Magomed Magomedov, RUS
2. Islam Bersekov, RUS
3. Iliya Reshetov, RUS
3. Azamat Sitimov, RUS
5. Michal Horak, CZE
5. Quedjau Nhabali, UKR
7. Adbelrehim Abdelhamid, EGY
7. Murat Shadov, RUS

-100 kg:
1. Adlan Bisultanov, RUS
2. Alan Khugaev, RUS
3. Alberto Borin, ITA
3. Andrey Tomchuk, RUS
5. Alexey Kazachkov, RUS
5. Dmytro Luchyn, UKR
7. Khazret Khakurinov, RUS
7. Arsen Omarov, RUS

+100 kg:
1. Sergey Prokin, RUS
2. Soslan Djanaev, RUS
3. Sergey Andreev, RUS
3. Roman Bobikov, RUS
5. Sergey Kesaev, RUS
5. Arseniy Voloschuk, RUS
7. Chris Sherrington, GBR
7. Adiljan Tulendibaev, UZB

-70 kg:
1. Daria Davydova, RUS
2. Irina Shmeltser, RUS
3. Ekaterina Denisenkova, RUS
3. Irina Gazieva, RUS
5. Natalia Burova, RUS
5. Anastasia Gubadova, RUS
7. Renalda Gedutyte, LTU
7. Yulia Potapova, RUS

-78 kg:
1. Anastasia Dmitrieva, RUS
2. Ivanna Makukha, UKR
3. Jennifer Kuijpers, NED
3. Ivana Maranic, CRO
5. Katarzyna Furmanek, POL
5. Alena Kacharovskaya, RUS
7. Dayna Ambartsumova, RUS
7. Dinara Kakharova, KGZ

+78 kg:
1. Polina Belousova, RUS
2. Ekaterina Sheremetova, RUS
3. Maryna Slutskaya, BLR
3. Natalia Sokolova, RUS
5. Dzhulyetta Davtyan, RUS
5. Dariya Karpova, RUS
7. Sandra Jablonskyte, LTU
7. Anaid Mkhitaryan, RUS