5 April 2014

Russian cadets take all 8 gold medals at European Cup Tver

European Cup Cadets

Russian cadets take all 8 gold medals at European Cup Tver

This weekend the 5th edition of the European Cup for Cadets is held in Tver, Russia. This year competition is the most numerous of its history. In total 302 judoka will compete from 23 countries.

Turkmenistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Estonia, Switzerland, Moldova, Germany, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Finland, Greece, Brazil and the United States of America. The Cup will be followed by a training camp. For three days young judoka will have trainings and exchange their experience. The first day of the competition was marked by аn absolute success for the Russian team which won all 8 gold medals. Russian winners of the first day are: Bikbova Aida (U 40 kg), Ogarkova Iuliia (U 44kg), Turcheva Anastasiya (U 48kg), Shilova Kristina (U 52 kg), Simeonidis Konstantin (U 50 kg), Achmizov Kazbek (U 55 kg), Papikian Sevak ( U 60 kg), Chasygov Ismail (U 66 kg). Athletes from Kazakhstan, Israel and Switzerland won 2 medals of the first day each. Two female athletes of Kazakhstan – Karchayeva Aiida (U 48 kg) and Nauabek Akmaral (U 40 kg) were stopped in the final by local judoka. Shani Ofek (ISR) was defeated by Papikian Sevak (RUS) in the final U 60 kg and took silver. Another judoka from Israel Aharon Alon lost the semi final U 50 kg against Simeonidis Konstantin (RUS), the later winner. Both Swiss male judoka U 66 kg Matt Naim and Stump Nils took bronze. Matt Naim lost his fight for final and Stump Nils had to fight for the bronze against Ghazaryan Karlen (ARM) in the repechage. Watch the photos online in our gallery:
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