4 June 2011

Seminar for teachers in Pordenone

Seminar for teachers in Pordenone

This weekend the seminar for teacher is organized in Pordenone, Italy.
Participation, Attention and Involvement; in these three words there any way of working days that have brought on the mat in the Sports Hall of Pordenone for more than 300 judoka. EJU Kata Judges Seminar and EJU Teachers Seminar 2011. Specialisation on kata and improving methods of assessment have been the targets of the first seminar which was held Thursday and Friday, concluding with the qualifying examination for referees at the European license required before the committee composed by Franco Capelletti (chairman) and the components Shoji Sugiyama, Cataldo D’Arcangelo (Italy), Michel Veulemans and Eric Kozlowski (Belgium) and Jose Lopez Larrañaga (Spain).

The tatami was also used for the EJU Teachers Seminar, the first of four events established in 2011:
> Zagreb (CRO) 3-4 September
> Lindesberg (SWE) 10-11 September
> Prague (CZE) 8-9 October
> Antalya (TUR) 28-30 October

Under the direction and operations of Franco Capelletti, the French Michele Lionnet and Emmanuel Vriz, who has taken the place of Eugene Domagata, proposed methodologies for the younger age groups and learning-training of basic principles. The EJU Teachers Seminar ends on Sunday.

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