15 July 2011

Shoulder stripe change per 1 July at EJU events

Shoulder stripe change per 1 July at EJU events

Per 1 July there are some changes important to judoka competing at EJU events.
Shoulder stripes of former EJU suppliers Essimo and DanRho cannot be used at EJU events anymore from now. It is allowed to use judogi of both Essimo and DanRho without shoulder stripes and new IJF Logo.

No regular judogi is hansokumake; the judoka cannot pass the judogi control, the opponent wins.
Each competitor is responsible for his judogi, and the head of each delegation signs for his team that they have the correct judogi.

Reserve judogi can be used just in case of damage during the contests, blood on the judogi, or special cases where the luggage of a delegation did not arrive.

Please have a look at the Supplier page which suppliers are allowed to use with shoulder stripes.