30 July 2014


OTC "Going for Gold"


The sixth EJU OTC 2014 is taking place in Sochi, Russia. Athletes are housed at beach side hotels making conditions as comfortable as possible for high performance competition preparation. The training venue is a mere 100m from the hotels and within easy walking distance. Special guests include Olympic champion Kayalay Harisson USA and US coach Jimmy Pedro jnr. Attending alongside the athletes is EJU Refereeing Commissioner Bernd Achilles as well as a number of the world’s leading referees. The EJU Olympic Training Centres „Going for Gold“ project that started in 2010 is proving to be an important support tool for many judoka in their preparations for major international events in particular the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

Some quotes from athlets and coaches:

Jimmy Pedro (USA): «There is no such complex in the USA nor in many other countries where take place training fees, so being here is a good practice for our team. Judo is a very popular kind of sport in our country, but it still gives in baseball and football. Here in Sochi the Olympic champions are training with promising sportsmen, and it gives a good opportunity for the active development of young judo wrestlers and experienced athletes. It’s my first visit to Sochi, but I can already note the high level of the provided conditions and very friendly atmosphere here. This is the world of sport, and it’s free from political disagreements».

Travis Stevens (USA): «The training in the Olympic training camp is very important for our team, for me and Kylie. We receive all of the necessary for trainings here. There are no such complex in America yet, and here we can raise the level of our preparation and estimate techniques of the athletes from all over the world. In addition, it is interesting for me to visit the Olympic capital, although I prefer to watch the summer Olympic Games».

Martin Thiblin (NOR): «I have watched the winter Olympic Games in Sochi with great pleasure and supported my national team, that’s why I wanted to came here, to the Olympic capital so much. In this camp I expect to raise my own level to participate in the upcoming championships. Winter kinds of sport are more popular than judo in Norway and about only 3000 judo wrestlers in my country are not so much. That’s why my participation in the Sochi camp is so important».

Jaakko Alli (FIN): «There are a lot of really strong judo wrestlers in Finland, but to keep us fit, we need the regular trainings in the appropriate conditions. This centre offers the best conditions in Europe. We are training all day long here and I really hope to get into the national team soon».

Enjoy some impressions from OTC in Sochi: http://www.eju.net/media/?mode=showEvent&id=1815