27 July 2013

Sochi hosts elite international judoka at first OTC

World Championships

Sochi hosts elite international judoka at first OTC

Until the 31st of July the elite in judo is preparing for the World Championships in Rio de Janeiro from 25-31 August. Sochi will host the Winter Olympic Athletes in 2014 but also hosted the Russian athletes in advance of their successful preparation period for London.

Current more than 370 athletes are gathered from 22 nations. Obviously a big team from Russia, extending their training efforts of this week in Moscow. Also athletes from Austria, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates and Moldovan judoka, Tunisia, Switzerland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Montenegro, Slovakia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The 41 top athletes are supported by the EJU due to their top 3 position. In a perfect accommodation in a 5-star hotel “VESNA” on the coast of Black See the athletes challenge the 1200 m² tatami and fitness halls and swimming pool to work on their condition.

The OTC “Going for Gold” is proud to offer the best preparation.

Watch the first pictures of the OTC in Sochi