25 November 2012

Social Inclusion Seminar: the winner is judo

Social Inclusion Seminar: the winner is judo

At the last day of the Social Inclusion Seminar in Lisbon a debate was held with other sports federations such as the Syndicate for Professional Footballers, the Portuguese Rugby Federation and the Portuguese Federation of Sports for Disabled People. There was a discussion led by TV moderator Marcus Albuquerque.

General Secretary of the Portuguese Judo Federation Jose Manuel Costa Oliveira summarized the good efforts made this weekend. He thanked the participants, the speakers and the European Judo Union.
“The big winner was judo this weekend. We’ve been at the dojo had the time to look at judo and talk. From now on judo will be developed and not be isolated. We have the federation for handicapped people and the Paralympic committee who will help to integrate to projects. We have the support and feel more integrated due to this support.
We are not along anymore. Everyone can practice judo and become a black belt and teach judo. I am greatful that we felt this warmth around us from the EJU, our great demonstration yesterday where we saw so much happiness.”
Mr. Jose Manuel Costa Oliveira thanked EJU Vice president Franco Capelletti and the present bodies. Also he thanked Councilor Manuel Brito of the city of Lisbon who is so involved in the projects and has a close relation to Nuno Delgado.

Manuel Brito who is a candidate to become NOC President next year said: “Not many champions are play the role as a hero, but Nuno Delgado can. Nuno has given many support to social inclusion. To build an inclusive society is not easy. At the Olympic Games we saw a female athlete from Saudi Arabia, then you understand that only the strength of the Olympic rings can do things what United Nations and other projects didn’t succeed so far. Inclusion is core of my policy of my work as councilor. We have a long way to go, and fight and successes will still be mixed. Music and Sports are our main tools. We have discovered in the most unthinkable places. I did judo and in judo there are clear rules. In many families the rules are not provided anymore. Judo is a useful tool to teach rules and values: respect, helping others. We have been successful in changing behavior and integrate youngsters. From our projects we even have some national champions! We have hundreds of kids in these difficult boroughs. Also in Swimming we have been successful, so sports is powerful universal language.”

EJU VP Franco Capelletti said: “If we give the good example for the children it will be good for our future. I speak a lot with Nuno Delgado and he knows I push a lot the children. For me it was a great success to have this seminar and see the children yesterday in the demonstration and to listen to the voice of the people.”