6 April 2022


In view of the difficulties encountered by the manufacturers to provide the delegations with judogi conforming to the new rules, we inform you that IJF is softening their application during the period of tolerance until January 1st 2023 and EJU will apply the exact same logic in all EJU events.

During this period, the IJF supervisors will apply the rules sent on 11 January 2022. However, with regard to the two modifications (crossing of the lapels (25cm), and length of the jacket (plus 5 to 10cm), the non-conformity will be noted but will not lead to the change of judogi. Irregularities will however be notified and forwarded to the National Federation for information.

Reminder: as defined in the previous rules, the jacket must cover the buttocks completely and the width of the crossed distance of jacket lapels at belt level must be at least 20 cm.

Author: Mario Krvavac