27 May 2012

Spain and Italy in balance at European Cup for Juniors in La Coruna

Spain and Italy in balance at European Cup for Juniors in La Coruna

At the second and last day of the European Cup for Junior in La Coruna Spain and Italy took the lead of the medal tally in the European Cup. It was for the first time that the city of La Coruna hosted such prestigious event in judo and for Spain it was the first organization of a European Cup for Juniors.

Today the heavier categories were played in the men’s division. Region judoka Trillo Sergio from Galicia, won the silver medal U100kg, he lost the final against Nicolas Damico from Italy. Italy won three gold medals today in total.
Raffaele D’ Alessandro won U81kg against Luca Barilari of his own country U81kg. Denis Beljic (CRO) and Kirill Samorodov (POR) won the other two medals. Valeria Ferrari took the gold medal for Italy U78kg.

She defeated the strong Spanish Aroa Martin Lara in the final. Clarissa Taube won the heavyweight title +78kg on behalf of Germany yesterday but Germany added another two medals on Sunday by Nieke Nordmeyer U48kg and Therese Stoll U52kg. Twice it was a Portuguese judoka who lost the final.

However Celio Dias from Portugal won a gold medal U90kg. Now it was the other way around and German David Tekic lost his final against the athletic Dias.

An Italian final U44g where Maria Siderot defeated her rival Marion Huber, the 16-year old Italian Champion.
In the second and final day of the Junior European Cup European qualifying for the Galician team fell short again as the day on Saturday, making adding a silver to gold yesterday got 70kg Sara Gonzalez, and bronze Miguel Riopedre at 55kg.

The medals were awarded by the Provincial Head of Department of the Xunta de Galicia D. Roberto Garcia, the Technical Director of the Spanish Federation D. Lee Young, President of the Portuguese Federation D. Carlos A. Andrade Correia and The President of the Galician Federation of Judo D. Mario Cobo Muzas and vice president of the Galician Federation, D. Miguel Ramos and D. Medina Montero Manuel Vidal.
Throughout the event, they made the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Galician Federation of Judo Federation and the Portuguese, both presidents D. Mario Cobo Muzas by Galicia and D. Carlos A. Andrade Correia, establish this agreement due to the great harmony between the two federations for many years.

Spain just had one more medallist (9) against Italy 8. Both nations also collected 9 bronze medals.

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