5 August 2009

Strong field at Top Junior Tournament in Prague

At the EJU Top Junior tournament in Prague last weekend some interesting titles where gained in the women’s category. In the men’s category Russia dominated with five gold medals. The other three where collected by Sweden, Armenia and Israel.
Germany won three gold medals in the women’s category followed by Ukraine with two titles. Hungary and Poland each won one gold medal.

Hungary, Poland and Sweden gained medals in both the men as women’s category. Hungary was dominant with four bronze medals in the men’s category, and scored another four in the women’s. Gold for World Championships participants Barbara Maros (U52) and Hedvig Karakas (silver U57).
Poland won the gold on behalf of Luiza Czakanska winning the U63 category.

Sweden won a quite unusual strong five medals, two gold medals amongst them for Marcus Nyman (U90) and Emma Barkeling (U57). Exactly those judokas won U20 medals this year in Tartu, Kiev and St. Petersburg. So watch the Swedes in the near future.

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