28 April 2024


European Judo Championships Seniors Zagreb 2024


During the individual event of the European Judo Championships Senior Zagreb 2024, Arena Zagreb provided the floor to over 400 judoka to compete at the prime event of Europe. For some it was the first time and for others the last competing at a senior European championships. Telma Monteiro falls into the latter group.

The Portuguese judoka competed for the final time at such an event making it her 18th attendance. Throughout her career she has established a remarkable collection of six gold, two silver and seven senior European bronze medals. Whilst she is getting ready to take part at her 6th Olympic Games, the European Judo Union honoured Monteiro with the Best of the Best Award which signifies the appreciation of her incredible European medal collection as well as her contribution to judo in Europe.

Receiving this award is a big honour. I did not expect it and it makes me think about all my career and all my achievements. I always wanted to make records, it was not spontaneous. I wanted it, I worked for it and I am really glad that it ended above all expectations: 16 medals, 6 titles. Although I wanted 8 titles [she laughs] but I am really happy, it was a phenomenal journey and I will always keep these amazing memories in my heart.

I would like to thank not only my team but also my opponents because every strong opponent made me want to be better. We, Europeans are always very competitive and this is definitely a medal you want to have during your career. Having won 15 of them, it is truly special.

Europeans, for me, was always a special event because to me, European, world and Olympics are the ones defining your career. I always went to the Europeans like it was my last chance, wanting to win a medal. Achieving that multiple times in a row, as I said was above all my expectations. In fact I think I am the youngest judoka to win a senior European medal and the oldest to become senior European champion. I am very happy and grateful having made history.

The European Judo Union came a long way. A lot has changed since my first European medal back in 2004. The way competitions are organised has improved immensely from many aspects and I think it is great. As a judo community we always thrive to do better, it is judo philosophy and I am really happy to see how much we improved and that I was part of this improvement. You know judo in Europe has always been strong with high creditability and now our image matches the standard of judo in Europe. I am thankful for the European Judo Union for all the amazing memories and to be part of the history of EJU. I hope I left a good memory not just with my medals but the way I fought and presented myself. I am grateful for everyone for making me feel special. Thank you.

Monteiro’s European Record

Bucharest 20043rd Place
Rotterdam 20053rd Place
Tampere 2006 1st Place
Belgrade 20071st Place
Tbilisi 2009 1st Place
Vienna 20103rd Place
Istanbul 2011 2nd Place
Chelyabinsk 20121st Place
Budapest 20133rd Place
Montpellier 20143rd Place
Baku 20151st Place
Tel Aviv 2018 3rd Place
Minsk 20193rd Place
Prague 20202nd Place
Lisbon 20211st Place

Thank you Telma!

Author: Szandra Szogedi