8 April 2024


Tata EJU OTC 2024


Hundreds of judoka are presently in Hungary at the annual Tata EJU OTC which runs from 8-13 April. Evidently, the Tata Olympic Centre locates the Hungarian ‘A’ squad and more. Almost 50 nations are joining the training camp which also serves as the final preparation ahead of the European Judo Championships Zagreb 2024. 

The Dutch team, amongst others, is bringing their all-time triad made of Noel van ‘t End, Frank de Wit and Michael Korrel. From the ladies, Doha world bronze duet, Guusje Steenhuis and Joanne van Lieshout are leading the team, including the youth. European champion, Martti Puumalainen is joined by 11 teammates from Finland. Double world champion, Barbara Matic and rising star, Katarina Kristo are carrying their excellence to the camp. Norway’s newish head coach, Daniel Gurschner has a handful of judoka to merit new experiences with. Single yet stout attendance form Turkiye with no other than Mihael Zgank. Almost newlywed but certainly Tbilisi Grand Slam 2024 winner, Eteri Liparteliani is also on the list of participants alongside Lasha Bekauri, who needs no introduction. Overseas potency is provided by a rather large Uzbek team. 

The Tata OTC has a long-standing history with exceptional repute, therefore no surprises that Cyprus, Malta, Algeria, Ireland, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia and even India is sending a team to this particular camp. It is the place to learn, grow and develop.

Training Program 

Author: Szandra Szogedi