3 February 2024


Paris Grand Slam 2024


Clarisse AGBEGNENOU (FRA) continues to set one record after the other after her baby break. The 31-year-old is a 2-time Olympic champion (and silver medallist), 6-time world champion and now also a 7-time Paris record winner (together with compatriot Lucie Decosse and team-mate Teddy Riner). The young mum (daughter Athéna is one and a half years old) needed a total of 32:36 minutes for her home victory. The third-round duel against Megumi HORIKAWA (JPN) alone lasted 12:38 minutes before the Japanese collected her third shido and was disqualified. By comparison, it took Clarisse just 10:12 minutes, or a third of the time, to win in 2020. The Paris champion about

… her record victory: “I’m very proud to have won. It was a really tough day, but I stayed focussed and waited for my chance. It came against Horikawa and also in the final against Katarina KRISTO (CRO, 21). The fight against Horikawa in particular was really tough.”
… her emotions: “I’m just relieved and happy. I did everything I could to be world class as a mum too. I succeeded in that. It’s great to stand at the top of the podium in front of my own audience. I’m ready for the Olympics, I still have six months to go and I’ll be even better in July.”
… the home crowd: “They give me strength, they pushed me really hard. I can only say thank you and ask everyone to support me at the Olympics too.”
…. the time after the disappointing home European Championships in Montpellier (7th place): “I didn’t perform at my usual level in Montpellier. I was tired. Since then, I’ve allowed myself more breaks. When I’m tired, I skip a training session. Secondly, I make sure I improve my speed. That’s the key. My fitness is already top, I proved that today.”
… the discussions as to whether daughter Athéna will be allowed into the Olympic Village with Clarisse: “I’ve asked the IOC and the French National Olympic Committee. I will also be meeting with the Paris Organising Committee. I’ve never been away from Athéna since she was born and I’m still breastfeeding her. I want to be able to have my daughter with me in the village in Paris.”

Author: EJU Media