19 March 2024


European Judo Championships Seniors Zagreb 2024


With less than five weeks to go, the final preparations for the European Judo Championships Zagreb 2024 begin to take place. Tickets are up for sale to join us for our prime event at Arena Zagreb from 25-28 April 2024. The first three days will showcase all individual weight categories whilst the final day will give the platform to the mixed-team event. At the end, we will celebrate 14 individual European Champions and a team title. For some, the moment could become a first-time experience whilst others might relive previous moment(s).  

What was it like winning the Europeans throughout (almost) the last decade? 

Montpellier 2023

Roman DICKO (FRA) 

“Merveilleux! It was absolutely magical to have fought for gold in front of my family and a good 8,000 fans. Of course, it helped that our team collected titles and medals on all three days. The atmosphere in our team is not only really good in training, but also at the competitions! – Allez Les Bleux!”


“My whole country has been waiting for this moment for years. This pressure of expectation has been with me – it was kind of hard to ignore it. It’s great that I finally have this gold medal, my first major title. It proves once again that I can achieve anything, it’s only a matter of time before it actually happens.”

Andreja LESKI (SLO) 

“In Slovenia we have the highest peak that we have on our coat of arms, the Triglav, now I haven’t been on the top yet but now I am the top of Europe! I must say I was ready for Clarisse today, but when I saw the draw, it wasn’t so unexpected. We didn’t have much of a break between the semi final and final but I think I felt already warmed up and it was good for me.”

Sofia 2022

Michael KORREL (NED) 

“I have been waiting a long time for this! I took the bronze medal in Kazan five years ago and had some unlucky Europeans afterwards but this is judo. About the final, he had a great day against some really strong opponents but so did I. I kept my mind on task and I felt really good. We went into golden score but in the end I threw big and I am satisfied with my performance and of course the title.”

Alina BÖHM (GER)

“I felt really good in my skin today, I didn’t really have expectation, I just wanted to go fight by fight and felt strong, each contest was better and better. It was actually a special day for me, I can feel the magic in this hall because I won my cadet European title here in 2015, it is so amazing that I managed to do it again.I was so ready but now I have it I cannot believe it, it doesn’t feel real.”

Lisbon 2021


I feel very good because it is my first European medal, and it is gold, and I am so happy about it. Every contest was very hard today, all of my opponents were strong from the first fight to the final. I still had some mistakes but I think it was a good day. “


“I feel incredibly happy, it was an emotional day for me, I am here in Portugal, it was a dream to fight here and to win. Today, when I step on the tatami before the competition I came here to feel the vibe. I felt that I can win here and do something special today. I kept that in my mind before every fight. I am really really happy and grateful for everything.” 

Prague 2020


“Actually, I was not prepared I was 50-60% what I could do and did before. I had a lot of question in my head, I did not know how to react to the situation staying in the room, being tested alL the time, cannot support your team, you cannot speak to people you haven’t seen for a long time. For me, it was really hard but then I said, ok the situation won’t change until the Olympics so I have to go and see.”

Minsk 2019 

Matthias CASSE (BEL)

“I knew it was going to be tough, he is a very strong opponent and Ive fought him four times now. I was feeling good, my day went alright – he laughs – very good actually! So, I was excited to fight in the final, everything went accordingly. With Alexander Wieczerzak (GER), I’ve lost to him twice, the last time was actually in the World Championships so I had revenge to take! I knew it was going to be a tough contest because he just never stops.”

Tel-Aviv 2018 


“I feel really good, today is my best day ever. I really wanted to win today because I wanted to dedicate this medal to my grandmother who passed away last year. I was really motivated and worked very hard leading up to today. My contest against Monteiro was my toughest fight today. She is a top competitor with a lot of medals.”

Warsaw 2017 

Alexandar KUKOLJ (SRB) 

“I have never won a European medal before. I waited for this medal for 5 years, it is a very big thing for me and for Serbia. The last European medal for our country was 2007. So, ten years later we have another and it is gold, I am very happy about that.”

Now, the final number of entries is yet unknown but regardless, it won’t change the feeling of being, as Leski said, on top of Europe! The only question left: Whom will be crowned? 

Author: Szandra Szogedi