19 May 2024


World Championships Seniors (Individual+Teams)


If there is such a thing as a World Championship specialist, then Assunta SCUTTO (ITA) is certainly one of them. The world number one has three World Championship appearances to her name so far. She has been on the podium every time since 2022. Two bronze medals have now been followed by a silver.
“Of course I’m disappointed. I was convinced I could win today. On the other hand, now I have two bronze and one silver medal, I’ll just go for gold next year.” After a short pause, the 22-year-old adds: “Even better: then I’ll get een . I’m really looking forward to my Olympic debut. I don’t feel any pressure, I’ll just be a bit more excited than usual. Just like today, before my first World Championship final.”
Scutto was on the mat for just 7:30 minutes before reaching the final. “I had a perfect day until then.” It was only in the evening, in the title fight against Baasankhuu Bavuudoru (MGL), that the Italian made a careless mistake. “But I’ll be back, I’m not giving up yet.” And why should she? Assunta Scutto is only 22 years old.

The best judo years are yet to come.

Author: EJU Media