30 March 2012

The souvenirs with symbols of Euro2012 go on sale in Chelyabinsk

The souvenirs with symbols of Euro2012 go on sale in Chelyabinsk

The sale of souvenirs with the symbols of the European Judo Championships have started in Chelyabinsk. Anyone can buy a souvenir such as toys, mugs, magnets, bags, caps, shirts, pens, notepads and even flavours for cars. All the souvenirs are made in the South Ural. Chelyabinsk citizens are happy to buy memorable stuff at the Kirovka street.

The point of retail sale is opened at the airport and railway station. During the competition from April 26 to 29 people will be able to buy products in the lobby of the ice arena “Tractor” and hotels.

A full range of souvenir products is presented at online store http://eurojudo2012.ru/ru/shop
It is opened at the official site of the championship. Visitors need only to choose the favorable thing, put it into the basket, fill an order and wait for a call of consultant who will find the most convenient way of payment and delivery.

“The prices will pleasantly surprise you, because they are so democratic. After all, our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and involve youth into sports, especially in judo,” vice-President of the Regional Judo Federation Denis Lapotyshkin said.
He added that people are very interested in the souvenirs – several soft tigers, T-shirts and caps has been already sold.

Watch the preparations in pictures here: