17 November 2017



The Cadet European Judo Cup 2017 will take place in Győr, Hungary this weekend with 337 competitors from 26 countries.

The host nation will aim to shine with a squad made of 10 athletes. During the EYOF, at the latest edition of Hungarian organized youth competition, Hungary captured 12 medals. Will it exceed this time around? 

A long-awaited success for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Győr in 2017 has created a basis for returning international competitions of the various sports in high-quality venues. A three-day international training camp will be following the European Cup which will be in the hall where EYOF was organized in the summer.

The new Hungarian gold generation return to Győr, Csanád Feczkó, Botond Szeredás, Richárd Sipőcz and others return to the venue of great success.

„This competition was missing from the Hungarian judo history”, said András Nagy, Sports Director of Hungarian Judo Association. „Each year we are organizing prestigious, Olympic qualifying competitions for adults, each summer best of juniors visits Paks and now having opportunity also for the youth. I think that it is lucky to organize this event in November because of connecting to Slovenian fights, on the other hand we can provide opportunity to compete for this age group after global competition.”