22 February 2010

Tips for the best possible handling of the backnumbers

Tips for the best possible handling of the backnumbers

The self adhesive backnumbers are a success so far. However the backnumber were not always used in the correct way, which caused that the backnumber wasn’t sticky enough to stay in the correct place during the tournament.

This is unpleasant for judoka and their sponsors. To use the backnumber successfully you can follow the instructions as stated in the download below.

1. Only use on dry judogi, when attaching it
2. Make sure to attach one night before usage
3. Remove directly after the tournament to avoid any damage of the judogi

New rules sponsor space apply from today
The EJU have contracted ten official suppliers, four top suppliers and two main sponsors at the moment. The official suppliers can use the space at the shoulder. The main sponsors are at the back space.
The EJU will control each judoka if the space is used in the correct way. So non-official sponsors are now allowed at the shoulder stripes, nor at the back.

The rules will apply from the World Cups of Prague and Warsaw this weekend, no exceptions.

You can see if your sponsor is an official supplier here:

The rules apply for World Cups, European Cups (Cadets, Juniors and senior European Championships).

Sponsors can still buy a license for the shoulder stripes to give access to their athletes to wear the shoulder stripes.

EJU Vice President Otto Kneitinger: “I am really happy that we found so many companies in a short time. It proves that our concept is working. Organisers will see that they have a good image of their competition without any work for an own design. It all has the EJU ‘face’. And the judokas can be satisfied that they don’t waste time to bring their kimonos for the sawing the sponsor at the back. And most of all our sponsors are happy for a good, clear and consequent presentation of their brand.”