8 April 2023


Teplice Cadet European Cup 2023


Author: Czech Judo Federation

Nobody expected such a high participation of cadets during the Easter period. We can say that the Cadet European Cup Teplice 2023 is the biggest tournament of the EJU. For example there were 110 participants in the -66kg category and the winner had to win seven fights.

For today’s interview we have chosen a young Slovakian cadet, Patricia TOMÁNKOVÁ, gold medalist of -40kg. Not only is this a great feeling for the young athlete, to take yet another cadet European cup gold medal, but she actually defending her 2022 win here. Just to put in to perspective, Tománková now claims seven cup gold medals, a Cadet European Championship silver and Cadet World Championship bronze. Her result list is enviable, and she is yet to miss out on a place on the podium.

Cadet European Championships 2022 © Gabi Juan

What are your next sporting plans?

The next tournament for me will be the Junior European Cup in Bielsko-Biala and I am looking forward to the EYOF. I would definitely like to take part in the Cadet World Championships in Zagreb. At the moment I would like to compete in the -40kg, but I am aware that I will be moving up to a higher weight category. I will be competing not only in the higher age category but also in the higher weight category in Poland. 

What is your sporting care in Slovakia?

The support for talented athletes in Slovakia is very good. Personally, I study at a business academy where I have an individual study plan. My home club is the Pezinok Judo Club and it makes sense that my coach is my father, who is the current vice-president of the Slovak Judo Federation and I have to admit that he is very strict with me.

Do you have any free time for other hobbies than judo?

I really don’t. Training takes up all my free time. And if there is any, I dedicate it to school or going to the gym.

Patricia TOMÁNKOVÁ: -40kg gold medallist. © Czech Judo Federation

There seems to be a bright future for this young superstar! Join us for day two of the Teplice Cadet European Cup tomorrow at live.ijf.org.


Author: EJU Media