20 October 2012

TSV Abensberg regains European Club title

TSV Abensberg regains European Club title

The golden cup of the European Club Championships was claimed by the team of TSV Abensberg. The Germans regained the European title after the last victory in 2006. On Saturday Yawara Newa of Russia was defeated in the final in Istanbul. The German star-team contains stars like Olympic medalists Dimitri Peters, Andreas Toelzer and Ilias Iliadis. Georgii Zantaraia, Lukas Krpalek, Travis Stevens, the experienced Kiyoshi Uematsu and many German successful teammembers. In the final the team of coach Ivan Radu gave the preference to Sugoi Uriarte (ESP) fighting Mikhail Pulyaev (RUS) U66kg for the first fight.

Uriarte, the number five of the Olympic Games, was warned against the Russian who had beaten him a few years ago in Paris. In a team event Uriarte was aware of the essence of one extra victory. But Pulyaev led after penalties for Uriarte and only built out his lead.

Yawara Newa won the European Club Championships seven times in 11 years. Abensberg defeated the Russian in the final of 2006 but lost the final in 2002 and 2005 against the Russians.

Christopher Voelk gave the Germans hope again by defeating Denis Iartsev. The contest U81kg was a thriller between Sven Maresch and Murat Khabachirov. 90 Seconds before the end both fighters were equal but Maresch scored a yuko and kept Khabachirov away from his attempts. The Russian was heavily supported by three Olympic Champions and other Russian Olympians. The Germans added to the atmosphere to cheer for Maresch. This could be the decisive point for Abensberg and Maresch did what he had to do, 2-1 for TSV Abensberg. With Iliadis and Toelzer ahead, the Bavarian beer could be reserved.

Ilias Iliadis faced Kirill Voprosov who he had never met in an official match. Iliadis had lost at the Olympic Games against Kiril Denisov who witnessed the final. He and the cheering Abensberger saw a fabulous score by the Greek after two minutes, the victory was the German team and the sirtaki could be heard in the venue of the host Galasataray. The last match between the tall Renat Saidov took 23 seconds to defeat Olympic medallist Andreas Toelzer with a armlock. A surprising win, but only interesting for the final statistics. Download those below in the article in our results section.

Opening Ceremony
During the opening EJU President Sergey Soloveychik addresses the importance of the European Club Championships. “It is one of the most attractive event in the European calendar. We have seven Olympic medallists in our venue. They fight for or support the teams of their clubs. I wish goodluck to all our finalists and I wish all participants a good four years and wish them success in the road to Rio de Janeiro in 2016.”
President Soloveychik congratulated the Turkish Judo Federation and gave a special award to Turkish Federation President Fatih Uysal for his contribution for a long period and complimented the federation with its active approach of organizing championships.
After the mutual words of appreciation the Championships were officially opened.
Bronze for St Genevieve and Galatasaray
For the bronze match between St. Genevieve (FRA) and Sporting Club Portugal, David Larose (FRA) won his first fight against Sergio Oleinic (POR). The experienced Joao Pina had to fight Florent Urani in a tough match. The 31-year old Portuguese was European Champion in 2010 and 2011 but Urani won two World Cups this season and is one of the coming men in France and nine years younger than Pina. Urani kept his head cool and won the tactical match by penalties for Pina and finished the match tactically non the ground. Sergiu Toma (MDA) was useful today for the Portuguese today but couldn’t get rid of the smart Laurent Emilien (FRA) who scored the decisive 3-0 for St Genevieve. Ludovic Gobert faced Italian Roberto Meloni who booked some smart wins today. The French Champion kept the 31-year old triple Olympian of his back in the first two minutes and scored an extreme ippon against Meloni who kept injured on the tatami after a shoulder injury. Jean-Sebastien Bonvoisin added a last ippon to the unexpected big victory for St Genevieve. The French take the bronze, last year they kept with empty hands, so good comeback.

In the second match for bronze the home team of Galatasaray claimed the victory against Chilly Mazarin Morangis. Mathias Boucher gave the French the lead by 1-0 but 34-year old Sezer Huyuz surprised Nils Deret halfway the match U73kg after facing a behind. Avtandil Tchrikishvili scored the 2-1 and Varlam Liparteliani needed 32 seconds in his contest against Lloyd Soetens, giving Galatasaray the bronze medal. Adam Okruashvili added the fourth victory after his win over Mathieu Bataille one minute before the end and celebrated the bronze with the home crowd. Just like the women’s team bronze for Galatasaray.

EJU European League
In the morning the EJU European League was held. In a poule system the Russian team of New Stream reached the final after defeating Izmir BSB (TUR) and St. Genevieve from France.
The other semi finalist came from the winner between the home team of Galatasaray and Sporting Club Portugal, which the home team won.
In the final home team Galatasaray that hosted the EEL and ECC defeated St. Genevieve.

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