19 April 2011

Turkey ready to rumble at European Championships

Turkey ready to rumble at European Championships

Turkish Judo hosts many talents
It is a pleasure to present the host of the European Championships 2011. Turkey has never had the pleasure to organise a senior European Championships, but is however booming regarding the organisation of many international events. The World Basketball Championships took place in the same hall where you can enjoy this European Judo Championship.
Since a few years the Grand Prix in Formula 1 is held in Istanbul and this year Turkey will host the European Youth Olympic Festival in Trabzon.

Last year Antalya organized the Judo World Team Championships with Japan (men) and The Netherlands (women) as winning nations. This organisation is now again responsible for this Championship.

Turkish judo takes the benefit of good policy to take some judoka of the former Soviet Union in their team a long time ago. Huseyin Ozkan, Selim Tataroglu and Bektas Demirel. Furthermore they invested in the youth and sent double teams to Cadet Championships. Now these investments are paying out. The women showed that they are able to benefit from the flow of the home crowd at the World Team Championships. The Turkish women finished third at the World Team Championships and the men were close to bronze. Watch Turkey here at the European senior Championships in Istanbul.

You can enjoy live feeds starting on Thursday. No countries will be geoblocked at this championships so that you can enjoy our broadcasts fro the start.

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