27 May 2024


European Judo Championships Veterans and Kata 2024


From 6-11 June, hundreds of attendees will gather for the European Judo Championships Veterans 2024, which will be followed by the European Judo Championships Kata 2024. The local organising committee will be extremely busy during those 10 days as they also host a Sarajevo Kodokan Kata Seminar and Examination 2024 from 12-14 June. There is no need to be concerned, as the Bosnia and Herzegovina Judo Federation is well-versed in organising a number of high-class events. We can be confident that everything will run smoothly.

Please be advised that the tournament will run from 6-9 June. For the first time ever, a ne-waza event is also part of the schedule. The veteran championships always have a distinctive quality that reflects the underlying message: Judo for All! Mr Ognjen Pavlović, President of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Judo Federation will be in attendance to welcome all representatives to this inaugural event;

Dear Judo Friends, 

On behalf of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Judo Federation, I would like to welcome you to the Veterans European Judo Championships 2024, one of the biggest official sports manifestation this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

I am honoured to invite all distinguished members of the European Judo Union to our beautiful country and The City of Sarajevo where we organized European Veterans European Judo Championships 2024 on June 06. – 09. 

Our Federation and all persons involved in the technical organization, as always, will do their best to make the event go well, especially when it is known that this is the we first time organized event for the veterans. 

Therefore, the Judo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a relatively young member of the IJF and EJU, but we are proud of the fact that we have so far successfully organized a large number of European Championships, European Cups for seniors and juniors, Europe Open and for the first time we have the honor and pleasure to organize Veterans European Judo Championships 2024. 

I would like to thank Mr. Laszlo Toth, President of the European Judo Union for the confidence shown in the assignment of the event and the local authorities for the support provided to the organisers. 

The event will take place at the Arena Hills and as per protocols, athletes will be allocated an age division based on the following;

a) Meeting the entrance criteria of a minimum of 30 years of age within the year of the event and,

b) Their date of birth in line with the following age ranges: 

The following rules will apply for the team event:


The draw for the individual weight categories will take place at 20.00 hours on the day before the competition. Information on the exact location of the individual weight category draws will be displayed on the event official notice board. 

Communication during the event will be done through dedicated Telegram Channel “EJU Veteran Tour”. Please, join the channel using the link: https://t.me/+AJ46hrmxmmQ3ZTQ0 . Alternatively scan the QR Code below: 

Please be advised that the event will take place between 10-11 June at the Arena Hills. The following categories will see champions crowned:

European Judo Championships Kata Seniors 

There will be five Kata recognized for these championships: 

European Judo Championships Kata Juniors 

There will be four categories recognized for this European Championships: 

European Judo Championships Kata Cadets 

There will be only one category for this European Championships: Nage no Kata (3 sets – Te Waza, Koshi Waza and Ashi Waza) 

The up-to-date version of “IJF Criteria for Kata Evaluation 2024” will be used to judge the Kata with reference also to the official Kodokan edition of Textbook. 


Minimum number of teams to run the competition is five at the numerical inscriptions. 

The ENBU Judo is a technical confrontation of flight simulation containing techniques of judo and self-defence. 

European Judo Championship – Adapted Judo Kata 

Entrants must be 16 years old during 2024 (born in 2008 or earlier). They must have at least 2. Kyu. Pairs can consist of 2 males, 2 females or a male and a female. 

The competition groups will be the following:
1. Category 1A: Tori is A-Judoka*, Uke is A-Judoka
2. Category 1B: Tori is A-Judoka, Uke is mainstream judoka** 

* A-judoka means a judoka with a disability who must adapt the judo technique 

** The mainstream judoka is a judoka without disabilities 

Two kata will be recognized for this championship:

1. Nage-no-Kata (first three groups)
2. Adapted Nage-no-Kata (first three groups) 

The “EJU Adapted Judo Kata Rules” will be used for scoring the Kata (scoring is identical to the mainstream Kata) https://www.eju.net/eju/documents/. Participants can only compete in one of the two Katas. The couples will go out on the mat once (direct final). 

Dr Tóth László, President of the European Judo Union is looking forward to welcoming you all; 

Dear Judo Family and Friends, 

Let me convey to you my heartfelt welcome to the European Judo Championships Kata 2024, in Sarajevo. Once again it is our pleasure to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina with a judo event such as this one, which serves as a celebration of judo’s refined artistry and disciplined practice of Kata. 

The Judo Kata competitions hold a unique position within our tradition, offering a platform to showcase the meticulous technique, great skills, and flawless execution inherent in Kata. We see a great future in children Kata as well and I believe that an event such as this one will give new momentum and motivation to Kata practicing at all ages, so we can have more events like this in our future. 

We express our profound gratitude to the National Judo Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina for their steadfast dedication in orchestrating this event among others, within just a few days. 

To all participants, coaches, officials, volunteers, and supporters, your commitment to Kata is truly commendable. Your pursuit of excellence and adherence to the principles of discipline, respect, and harmony exemplify the highest ideals of judo. 

I am wishing everyone a prosperous and fair competition, good health, and may all of you have a great experience in Sarajevo! 

Yours in judo. 

The Kodokan Kata Seminar in Sarajevo 2024 is scheduled to take place from 12-14 June. For further information, please visit the following link.

See you all in Sarajevo!

Author: Szandra Szogedi