26 March 2019


Videos for the IJF App



What does it take to make a good video tutorial for coaches? Two cameras, a group of young judokas between 8-12 years old and EJU Expert Katanishi Hiroshi, that’s what. Katanishi is an 8th Dan and the major protagonist and Head of the project. In his home club, the Judo Kwai in Lausanne, the team filmed the last part of the uchi-mata series.

The videos are an additional service for the EJU project ‘Improve your Club’. These IYC seminars are made for judo club coaches to assist in education of young judoka aged 8 – 12 years. The seminar is only a part, EJU Vice President Jane Bridge explains, of the idea behind the video project.


“EJU Experts have developed these video projects to support the IYC seminars. These unique set of videos should help coaches during the daily training process. The videos are showing the full range of techniques with progression from ukemi to ne waza and it should help coaches to consult.

Jane Bridge and Katanishi Hiroshi speak about the next step of the film project

8 techniques are already published, and altogether there will be a library of 139 videos.

+ De-ashi-barai
+ O-soto-gari
+ Hiza-guruma
+ Uki-goshi
+ Ko-uchi-gari
+ O-uchi-gari
+ Tsuri-komi-goshi
+ Tai-otoshi

The complex set of techniques of the uchi-mata will be published soon. The video tutorial provides a full lesson with children. It starts with ukemi and continues with technical sequences of different training methods. Once the uchi-mata videos have been published the team will start with the the seoi-nage series.

+ Ukemi
+ Tandoku-renshu
+ Sotai-renshu
+ Renraku-waza
+ Kaeshi-waza
+ Tachi-waza to Ne-waza

Also Ne-waza can be found on the IJF App.

+ Kyoshi

+ Bridge

+ Ebi

+ Kaiten Rolling

+ Gyaku-ebi

+ Waki-jime-crawl

+ Oase-Waza Linking Technique

How to watch the videos?

Simply download the IJF app (available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and install it on to your mobile device. After installation click on the menu and choose Pedagogy Videos. You can choose between Tachi-waza techniques and Ne-waza techniques.