4 April 2011

Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan best teams at Cadets European Cup Kiev

Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan best teams at Cadets European Cup Kiev

On 2-3 April, the Ukrainian capital Kiev hosted the European Cadets Cup Top Ranking. 356 Athletes from 18 countries took part at this event.

Ukrainian young judoka won 8 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze medals have traditionally strongly acted on house tournament, as well as last year. Gold was won U55kg by Pavel Skopnenko, U81kg by Bogdan Zusko +90kg by Sergey Zverev. Ivanna Stytsun won the light weight category U40kg, U48kg by Olga Smolsky, U52kg Ekaterina Syrovatsky, U57kg by Uljana Kljapka and in the heavyweight category +70kg by Elizabeth Kalanina.

The national team of Georgia which has arrived to Ukraine has won six gold medals two weeks ago in Antalia in Turkey was again strong.
In Kiev the Georgian managed to win four gold medals. In the category U60kg by Tamaz Kirakozashvili, George Muzashvili U66kg, Levan Gugava U73kg and Shalva Chocheli U90kg. Besides that Georgia won two silver and three bronze medals.

Azerbaijan won one gold medal by lightweight Sadih Maharramov U50kg) as well as two silver medals and three bronze to become the third national team in the final ranking.

Belarus (Marina Herjatovich U63kg), Poland (Beata Pachut U70kg) and Moldova (Christina Budesku U44kg) won gold in the women’s division.

Tournament sports director EJU Pavel Yasenovsky and the Polish Federation President Wieslaw Blach attended the event.

After the tournament the EJU Training Camp started with participation of more than 450 judokas.