4 March 2011

Unique EJU Kata Seminar in Croatia

Unique EJU Kata Seminar in Croatia

Last week was unique for Europe. In Zagreb, Croatia EJU Kata Demonstration was held. The Kata Seminar organised by the EJU in cooperation with Kodokan Institute attracted many participants.

It is a historical collaboration of the European Judo Union with the Kodokan. At the seminar athletes, coaches, teachers and professors participated from more than 20 European countries.

Seminar senseis from Kodokan are: Haruki UEMURA, Saburo MATSUSHITA, Tadashi SATO, Michio FUKUSHIMA, Motonari SAMESHIMA, Yoshihisa DOBA, Mikihiro MUKAI, Kenichi SHOSHIDA, Yoshihiko IURA, Hirofumi OTSUJI, Koji KOMATA, Shinro FUJITA, Naoki MURATA, Kiyoshi MURAKAMI.

The EJU Kata Demonstration also involved members of the EJU delegation: EJU President of the Sergey Soloveychik, Vice Presidents Franco Capeletti and Daniel Lascau and General Secretary Envic Galea among others.

It’s been a magnificent event for each judoka attended by Croatian President Mr. Ph.D. Ivo Josipovic on Saturday and visited by Japanese Ambassador Yoshio Tamura in the opening day, who invited a delegation of Kodokan, EJU and Croatian Judo Federation to the residence of the Ambassador.

The EJU Kata demonstration was held at the Croatian Military Academy in Ilica, Zagreb. In the meantime, representatives of the Kodokan and EJU delegation will visit the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. Kata forms were: Nage no Kata, Kime no Kata, Kata no Kata, Ju no Kata, Koshiki no Kata Goshinjutsu and Itsusu no Kata.

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