16 April 2024


European Judo Championships Seniors Zagreb 2024


There is a great deal at stake in the year of 2024, the Olympic year. With this, big decision have been made by individuals and federations alike in the approach to the biggest event in the judo calendar. Preparation is key and for some, they have chose to not compete in the European or World Championships this year depending on how their cycle is looking, and one of those choosing to opt out in the final moments is Sanne VAN DIJKE (NED).

In just over a week, European athletes will be descending on the capital of Croatia to compete for European titles, Van Dijke can already boats five Senior European finals, two of which ended in gold (2017, 2021) and ever the champion, she is always up for the fight. This year however, she has made the educated decision to step back from the 2024 European Championships and focus on her preparation for the Olympic Games. Suffering with minor ailments, as many do, she has found her preparation for these championships not up to her standard and so will look to the next goal.

Reported by Judo Bond Nederland, Coach Bas MEERVELD stated,

Sanne has not been able to run the full training and competition schedule that she originally planned in the past period. Yet we waited a long time to make this choice, because a European title is at stake. In view of the busy agenda that will follow in the coming months, which also includes a World Championships in the run-up to Paris, it seems wiser to take a pause now and choose a different preparation. The focus simply remains on the summer months.

Van Dijke, the Olympic bronze medallist, took a break following her Tokyo Grand Slam win in December, returning only last month to compete in the Tbilisi Grand Slam where she took a silver medal.

This of course leaves open a position for the Netherlands team, and so Pleuni CORNELISSE will compete in the -57kg category, as well as the Mixed Team event to conclude the championships.


Author: Thea Cowen