22 March 2024


Tbilisi Grand Slam 2024


Judo may be a fighting sport, but there certainly isn’t a lack of love stories. The World Judo Tour is a busy schedule and many athletes spend so much time together, living their lives on the road and sharing in one another’s goals, ambitions and can give that undying support.

Today, on the first day of the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2024, we saw a love story play out in the best way. Eteri LIPARTELIANI has been a beacon of hope for the young women of Georgia, paving the way for their future success and put on a tremendous show for her home supporters today, making it in to the final, and so big celebrations were already in motion. Her long-time boyfriend and judoka, Temur NOZADZE, winner of the Tbilisi Grand Slam in 2021 and 2022, had big plans and pulled off a grand romantic gesture following his love’s final contest.

For the first time, a Georgian woman claimed the gold medal in the Tbilisi Grand Slam, and for Eteri Liparteliani, this was the first Grand Slam gold of her career. With the Olympic Palace roaring her name and celebrating the perfect day, Liparteliani ran off the tatami, then in to the arms of Nozadze who took to one knee and asked the victor to marry him, and of course, it was an instant yes, no thought required.

Firstly, this is my first gold medal, I have many silver and bronze, but this is my best result and I wanted to say thank you to Tbilisi! And for this [she shows her new ring], I am so so so happy!

Congratulations! Gilotsavt! გილოცავთ!


Author: Thea Cowen