15 June 2019


6th EJU Judo Festival - Porec, Croatia


Following five whole days of astounding weather, this morning was a slightly wet start to the weekend!

The coaches taking part in the Improve Your Club Seminar were certainly grateful for the cooler start in the external dojo. Patrick ROUX led the session to educate the coaches further in order to improve their knowledge regarding cadet level athletes. EJU President, Mr Sergey Soloveychik immersed himself among his peers. 

Following the IYC Seminar, many of the coached stayed to attend the Mondo Kodokan session. Researcher, Yves CARDOT gave a short presentation to discuss, ‘What is judo’? CARDOT discussed the history of judo and the life of KANO Jigoro before Kodokan teacher, MUKAI Mikihiro began with the significance of the Kodokan Judo as well as practice methods. 

In our other dojos, the cadet athletes continued to work hard, enduring tough randori and learning new skills from athletes and coaches of other nations. 

As the OTC judoka continued to perfect their competitive skills against top level world athletes, in the next hall the future generation of U8 judoka had fun learning the fundamentals. The Family Camp hosted educational games for the youngsters and their parents, learning how to write Japanese characters. 

European Champion and World silver medallist Robert MSHVIDOBADZE (RUS) came along to help the future generation of champions and to have a little fun along the way.


Author: Thea Cowen