15 June 2019


6th EJU Judo Festival - Porec, Croatia


We are very happy to announce that the rain was short lived and all of the practitioners and athletes were able to bask in the afternoon sun before getting back on the tatami this evening. 

The IYC Seminar proved too big for the original space and had to move in to the larger dojo, taking in an impressive 135 Croatian coaches, let alone the many coaches that have arrived from other nations for the advice from top instructors. EJU Expert Jean-Pierre Gibert, worked with coaches in ne waza this evening. 

Though the athletes on the OTC are mostly new, the Russian team has remained. We spoke with Natalia KUZIUTINA in the -52kg category following her recent entry in to the European Games and her time on the camp, 

“I am very happy to be going to the European Games and I will do my best to achieve the best result when I’m there. 

This is not the first time I’ve been to this camp, I really like coming here because there are always a lot of people and we like to train in these conditions.”

In the Kodokan Seminar, they continued the evening with the Mondo Kodokan session, those who have assessments tomorrow took the time to practice alongside the U15 and U13 Training Camp, showing that no matter what style of judo you are doing, what age you are, judo is judo and everyone comes together here at the Festival. EJU Expert Sergio Oliveira specialises in the education of young athletes and kept them laughing the whole session. 

Tomorrow will be the final day for the Improve Your Club and Kodokan Seminars, however the fun continues in to next week!


Author: Thea Cowen