6 April 2024



Today, April 6, marks a very important day in the sporting calendar, not just within judo. The White Card campaign was established by Peace and Sport in 2013 to encourage efforts made globally for peace, it is a gesture of inclusion and equality. Judo is a special sport with values which are considered to be adhered to at all times, on or off the tatami, in every aspect of life. 

President of the European Judo Union, Dr TOTH Laszlo, is proud to speak of sport and the relation it has with this message. 

The White Card campaign endorses great efforts around the world to make a positive change through sport, which in itself represents peace in many ways as it unifies us like nothing can. It is not a coincidence that throughout history sport has been used successfully during peacemaking efforts as a diplomatic tool. It promotes universal values understood by everyone which aligns well with the 8 values of judo: Courage, Respect, Modesty, Friendship, Honour, Honesty, Self-control, and Courtesy. These are also very important things that the EJU greatly promotes. As I see it, sport brings us together, thus bringing peace. 

EJU President, Dr TOTH Laszlo. © Kostadin Andonov

Author: Thea Cowen