20 October 2011

Yewara Newa ready for European Club Championships in Antalya

Yewara Newa ready for European Club Championships in Antalya

On Saturday the final of the European Championships for Clubs take place in Antalya, Turkey. Title defender Yewara Newa is present. The Russian team won the European Club Championships last year in Cheboksary in the final against St. Genevieve.

Since their first win in 2001 Yewara Newa is dominant in Europe. The Russians won the final seven times. Last decade there was always a Russian club representing their country in the final. Except for 2003 when Dutch Kenamju won the title in the final against Abensberg. Yawara Newa then finished third.
In 2007 it was a full Russian final with Yewara Newa who defeated Gladiator.

German’s record holder TSV Abensberg also have a rich history in the former European Club Cup, now European Championships for Clubs.
The club from ‘Bayern’ are in the final for the 9th time in 10 years. Only in 2007 Abensberg was missing in the top 4 of Europe.

It’s the first time that Club Championships are a one day event as open event.

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