5 December 2009

Yewara Newa wins European Club Club in Abensberg

Yewara Newa has won the European Club Cup in Abensberg. In the final the Russian team beat the strong French team of Levallois by 8-2 (77-20)

In the semi final Yewara Newa (RUS) smashed the team of Koceali (TUR) by 9-1 (87-10) and was the favourite to win the final.

In the other semi final this morning Levallois defeated hometeam TSV Abensberg (GER) by 6-4 (50-40).

The final between Yewara Newa and Levallois was very interesting with top athletes on the tatami. Levallois lined-up Olympic medallists like Benjamin Darbelet and Teddy Riner in their team. But Yewara Newa was convincing in the first leg 4-1, an defeated the French with the same result in the return match.

Strong judoka like Alim Gadanov U66, Mansur Isaev U73, World Champion Ivan Nifontov U81, world championships runner-up Kirill Denisov U90 and European Champion Tagir Khaibulaev +90 where the basis. In the next match Musa Mogushov U66, Sirazhudin Magomedov also won their matches. Only Teddy Riner (FRA) could win both his matches against Khaibulaev and Maksim Bryanov.