31 March 2022


The Tokyo Summer Games “seem to be a lifetime away”, admits 2009 World and three-time European champion Georgii Zantaraia. The 34 year old Ukrainian currently stays together with ten friends in a bunker in the city center of Kiev.

“A month ago, everything seemed to be quite normal. Adults went to work, children went to school or played in parks with their grandparents. Judoka trained at their dojos. Today nothing is like it used to be”, emphasizes Georgii. “Ukraine needs you more than ever.” His wife and the two children went to Poland in order to be safe. “I am not leaving until it’s over”, tells the neo politician, who is a member of the Kiev City Council. The situation in his hometown “is really terrible to say the least. Everyone seems to be armed. We are defending our city, our country. But we want nothing but peace, this is our home and most of us have nowhere to go. May I kindly ask the whole sports community to help us, please make donations. We really need your help!”

The European Judo Union has established a fund-raiser for the Ukrainian Judo family. All funds raised will be transferred directly to the national Judo Federation. This is an effort to support as many judoka as possible, to stand up, display our courage and offer our friendship. DONATE HERE


Author: Mario Krvavac