14 November 2015


U23 European Judo Championships


Gold Medalist -70kg: Szabina GERCSAK (HUN)

I will compete at the Olympic Games and for this I need points for the ranking list. I used this Championships for preparation for the next big tournaments in Asia and Havanna. 

Against the German it was really difficult because she is taller than me and this is something that I do not like so much.

Gold medalist -63kg: Amy LIVESEY (GBR)

“I felt good, I felt strong, but I tired towards the end, but I I managed to dig in and win gold. My hardest fights today were the quarter and semi finals, both girls medalled here last year, and felt very strong.”

“My next competitions this year will be the European Club championships in Tbilisi, Georgia for a French team and the British Championships, both competitions are in December.”

“Next year I will be hitting the Grand Prix’s in preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

Gold medalist -73kg: Anthony ZINGG (GER)

“In the third fight [Nikola Gusic] there was a turning point when I felt strong and confident. I was more concentrated and focused with my grips and my attacks. At that point I believed in myself and felt that today was the day that I could win a medal.”

Gold medalist -81kg: Aslan LAPPINAGOV (RUS)

It is most important for me that I won a European champion title today. Of course, the fact that I beat a strong opponent gives me a special feeling too. With Ivaylo Ivanov we had a 1:1 score before, and before the final he even asked me if I wanted a revange. So he got it.

In the first round I badly hit my arm and I could hardly feel it. But I never allowed myself to stop because I could not miss such an important tournament because of an injury.