30 June 2024


Slovenj Gradec Junior European Cup 2024


This weekend was a busy one for the juniors in Slovenj Gradec. The strong competition hosted athletes from 34 countries on three continents. The Ukrainian athletes topped the medal table with strong performances in various categories, winning 12 medals, five of which were gold.

Antoniou Giaannis from Cyprus, ranked number two in the world in the +100 kg category, proved his strength, claiming the gold medal. Israel’s number one Yuli Alma Mishiner, the world number one in the +78kg category, was also successful. The home nation stepped up a notch and finished second on the medal table with two gold medals from Leila Mazouzi in the -63kg category and Nika Tomc in the -57kg category.

On the first day, the President of the European Judo Union (EJU), Dr Laszlo Toth, visited the competition, emphasising the importance of the event in the European Junior Judo Tour. While the competition is over, the judo activities in Slovenj Gradec continue with the EJU Junior Training Camp in which 17 countries and over 200 athletes are taking part.

Congratulations to all medallists and participants of the Slovenj Gradec Junior European Cup.

Author: EJU Media