Ukemi Lessons at School

Ukemi Lessons at School

For several years now the European Judo Union has been preoccupied with the project of judo not only as a sport but also as an education.

Jigoro Kano himself advocated judo not only for physical education but also as a moral and social discipline. As an introduction to judo the EJU believes that one of the best ways is to introduce judo lessons in school. In this way, the EJU considers that judo can bring instantly a well being to society, which is it’s vocation. 

Of course the lessons are adapted to the school environment so that very little material is needed and the exercises are based on “ukemi” or the special judo way of how to fall.

Statistics show that falling is one of the major ways to get injured – whether we are talking about children or elderly citizens – so learning how to fall correctly: having the right reflexes to roll, absorbing the fall with the hands and feet, protecting the head, is an ideal way to prevent or at least to reduce the number of injuries from falling accidents.

The falling exercises (ukemi) incorporated in fun movements alone, in pairs, or as a group not only are an excellent way to introduce judo into a school environment but are also an excellent way for the children, the teachers and the parents to discover judo. All of which can only be positive for the development of our sport.

The EJU has facilitated the establishment of this project in numerous countries: Hungary, Spain, Russia, France, Czech Republic, Latvia, Georgia, Portugal, Italy… if you, your club, your area, your federation are interested in more information about this project or would like help from our experts don’t hesitate to contact EJU Education Department.

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