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On the 23rd and 24th of January 2019, in Zagreb, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Sanda Corak, President of Croatian Judo Federation and Jane Bridge, Vice President of the European Judo Union. The subject of the MOU discusses the cooperation between the parties, aimed at implementation of…

12 March 2019

Ukemi Lessons at School


The International Olympic Committee has awarded Croatian Judo Federation for the Sport and Innovation for the project “Judo in school” on Monday On the initiative of the Croatian Judo Federation, supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, judo was implemented in 150 elementary schools of a total of…

23 December 2015

Seminar Judo at School - Olomouc, Czech Republic

Judo at School Seminar in OLOMOUC, Czech Republic

The EJU project Judo for Schools opened in another country, the Czech Republic, by EJU seminar held from Friday 21st till Saturday 22nd of March in city of Olomouc. Based on Memorandum of Understanding signed by EJU President Mr Sergey Soloveychik, Governor of Olomouc Region Mr. Jiri Rozboril and CJF…

23 March 2014

European Open Women - Lisbon, Portugal

EJU and Portuguese Judo Federation sign MOU Judo at School

In the occasion of the Team Challenge in Tyumen, the Portuguese Judo Federation and the European Judo Union signed an memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the Judo at School Project. The EJU cherishes schooljudo a lot and is rolling out a project signing agreements with many national judo federation. In…

28 January 2014

European Club Championships - Paris, France

Cooperation between EJU and FFJDA for judo at school

In the occasion of the European Championships for Clubs the European Judo Union (EJU) and French Judo Federation (FFJDA) have signed an memorandum of cooperation between the two organisation regarding judo at school. Since 2013 the European Judo Union has launched the “Judo at school” special project that is supposed…

21 December 2013

Seminar: "Improve your Club" with EJU Experts - Madrid, Spain

Judo at School Seminar in Madrid

The second seminar EJU “Judo at school¨ will be organised this weekend in Madrid. Spain was the second country, after Georgia, to sign the cooperation agreement through which, three Spanish cities, Olvera , Jaca and Torrent, introduced the sport of Judo at school, during school hours physical education. In the…

15 October 2013

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Education Seminar in Wavre present judo for everyone

This weekend Education Seminar in Wavre in Belgium is held. Thirty participants from thirteen different countries gathered in Belgium to present presentations in theory but also on the tatami. The morning session gave everyone fresh energy as it started on the tatami with a judo session. The topic was an…

28 September 2013

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World Judo Day theme: PERSEVERANCE

The 2013 World Judo Day, the third edition of the International Judo Federation’s (IJF) annual judo celebration, will focus on the theme of PERSEVERANCE on Monday 28 October Previous themes were JUDO FOR ALL (2012) and RESPECT (2011) for the day which is dedicated to coaches, fans, judoka and everyone…

12 September 2013

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Successful Judo for Children Project in Madrid at European Open

After the European Open for women in Madrid there was a special event. The Madrid Judo Federation organised an event for children in collaboration with Judo Formación to try to attract more fans for judo. The general public to the European Open in Madrid as the Caja Magica is such…

3 June 2013

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Portuguese President endorses 'Total Judo' Project

The President of the Portugal Anibal Cavaco Silva has made a Christmas visit to the Social Inclusion Judo Projects this week. He witnessed the training session and addressed the importance of everyone being equal in life opportunities. Two persons of the social inclusion projects gave their testimonies how judo has…

18 December 2012

Social Inclusion Seminar - Lisbon, Portugal

Building champions for life by Ines de Almeida

Ines de Almeida is head of the social responsibility Sector in Escolas the Judo of Nuno Delgado. She leads the projects training champions for life. At the Social Inclusion Seminar she explains the strategy of the building champions for life.   “Our goals were connected to rain people with character.…

4 December 2012

Social Inclusion Seminar - Lisbon, Portugal

Gianni Maddaloni tells his life story as coach and father

He introduced himself as the father of 2000 Olympic Champion Giuseppe Maddaloni. But also the father of Marco Maddaloni and Laura Maddaloni and now head of the Maddaloni Sports Center for youth in risk of social exclusion. He talked about his projects at the Social Inclusion Seminar in Lisbon recently.…

4 December 2012

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Frédérique Jossinet has a new challenge in life

At the congress for social inclusion former athlete Frédérique Jossinet was invited to tell her story about the program Hundred Black belts in France. Jossinet is nine times medallist at European Championships and won three European titles. She was twice in the World Championships final against Ryoko Tani and won…

3 December 2012

Social Inclusion Seminar - Lisbon, Portugal

Ziggy Tabacznik spreads the message of school judo

Ziggy Tabacznik is former judo athlete who fought Nuno Delgado in the past. He is now representing school judo in the Netherlands a big project in grass roots, sports participation. Tabacznik was one of the speakers at the Social Inclusion Seminar in Lisbon last week.       Tabacznik is member…

30 November 2012

Social Inclusion Seminar - Lisbon, Portugal

The secretary of state of Portugal: “government happy with judo”

The secretary of state Dr. Alexandre Miguel Mestre said at the Social Inclusion Seminar: “The government is always happy to be involved with judo. The best judo class is led by Nuno Delgado. Sports includes inclusion itself. Sports is inclusion but sometimes we need an added value to materialize this.…

27 November 2012

adidas European Championships Juniors - Porec, Croatia

EJU President Soloveychik meets with Croatian President Josipovic

On Thursday EJU President Sergey Soloveychik visited Croatia to meet with the President of Croatia Prof. Ivo Josipovic, Ph.D. The President of Croatia is also honorary member of the European Championships U20 years currently held in Porec. Together with Sanda Corac, President of the Croatian Judo Federation, EJU President Soloveychik…

19 September 2012

Ukemi Lessons at School

EJU Family Camp a must do for 2013!

The EJU Judo and Family camp has been a great success for the participants. However the success can be much bigger with more participants. The event where judo and family time join forces was held in Porec at the coast of Croatia. The families came from five different countries such…

15 July 2012

Social Inclusion Seminar - Lisbon, Portugal

Nuno Delgado unites children and judo

The great family of the School of Judo Nuno Delgado (EJND) filled the Pavilion of Odivelas, in a great celebration of solidarity that were distributed thousands of gifts and raised many others who will now be given to children over a dozen institutions of solidarity. As part of the movement…

19 December 2011