2021, Porec, Croatia


The 7th edition of the EJU Judo Festival, which was to be held in Poreč, Croatia, between the 8th and 21st of June 2020 cannot take place due to the pandemic and related circumstances.

We thank the entire Judo Community for the trust and support given to this project, the last edition of the Judo Festival was a great success, hosting more than 1500 participants. The EJU and Croatian Judo Federation plan to resume the Festival in summer 2021 and look forward to the next edition one month ahead of the postponed Olympic Games.

May this time at home turn out to be a pleasant period, may each of you discover new opportunities for yourself, your family and friends. Join our Telegram Channel to follow all updates and the best ideas for training at home.

Judo is more than sport! Stay safe & stay tuned!

Festival Programme 2020

Seminars for judo club coaches. Technical development for teaching young judoka, 8 to 12-year-old.

Together, children and parents, will have the opportunity to be on the tatami enjoying the activities set by highly skilled coaches. In addition, a number of other entertaining and educational lessons will also be on board. Our Judo Kids Camp U8 “Judo & Family” is where parents can train together with their children and become great friends!

The core point will be — “Family and Judo” (parents and U8 children).

Judo training will be undertaken as a fun activity alongside other judo components. Parents will act as partners and as personal coaches. It is desirable that parents will be on the tatami wearing judogi (whilst we appreciate that this is not always possible, we see it as necessary and we should aim for it).

During scheduled activity hours, we are also aiming:

  • Maintaining “The diary of the participants in “Judo & Family” which will act as a record displaying the thematic section on history, the principles, judo etiquette, performance of creative tasks (drawing, applications) impressions, emotions and knowledge gained during the festival, showing growth and development every day.
  • Judo history, judo etiquette, code of the judoka, (drawings, comments).
  • Drawing up applications of different groups of receptions by feet, subcollar, deduction, etc.
  • Code of the judoka: hieroglyphs and drawings of qualities (one for every day in the form of a ower on each petal).
  • Drawing up a pyramid of success.
  • Drawing up the general application of all participants by the principle poch-work from works of children and parents.
  • Drawings (exhibition), the games (including and desktop - judo tness for mind) attached to judo occupations.

Training camp for elites, to whom, judo is more than a simple hobby— their main road. Training twice a day is on the menu for these athletes under the leadership of well-known experts.

The EJU Project “OTC. Going for Gold” was launched in 2010. The main target of the project was to help the best European athletes in their preparations toward the London Olympic Games.

The successful performance of European athletes in London has encouraged the EJU Executive Committee to continue the programme during the next Olympic cycle and to expand it to promising junior judoka — to include medallists from the European and world championships of their age group.

We believe that this programme will be successful and again lead to European athletes becoming the strongest at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Training camp for young judokas for whom judo will become their everyday lifestyle. This age group will also train twice a day under the leadership of well-known experts.


Similar to the Cadet U18 Training Camp, these athletes will also train on the daily basis focusing on different skills taught by experts.


Two Kata experts will be travelling directly from The Kodokan, Japan, to give proficient education and demonstration of Nage No Kata as well as Ju No Kata. Two sessions a day will take place over the course of four days with individual instruction which will enhance your kata and bring it to another level. To all those who are completing the course, a Kodokan certificate will be presented. For those who are interested in kata competition, members of the EJU expert kata commission will be at present. They represent World and European Champions within their own specialty, kata. Participants will be able to discuss, train and observe these champions in action. 

For those interested in judo culture and history, there will be a MONDO organized by the Kodokan experts. Take advantage of this moment to ask questions and learn more about Jigoro Kano and the history of judo.

The European Judo Union invited European researchers at the EJU Judo Festival in Porec to present their work. The Education Commission, along with a selected panel of judges and the EJU experts group, have introduced the 7th European Judo Science and Research Symposium.


Judo Festival Infos

“Laguna Poreč hotels are situated in the magical blue-green Mediterranean, within well-tended greenery besides the sea and not far from town center Poreč which can be reached on foot, by bike, bus, tourist train or boat.

Hotel Delfin

Hotel Delfin ✰✰

Poreč’s Hotel Delfn** offers a true shelter from everyday life with never a dull moment. The highly affordable services of the Hotel Delfin** will satisfy many in search of a much-needed summer holiday.


The Hotel proposes a big variaty of different sports facilities as well as the big swimming pool with saltwater. location is situated 50 m. from beach. Read more in offcial Website.

Apartments Astra

Apartments Astra ✰✰

Feel the Mediterranean rhythm of Zelena Laguna, Poreč and Istria in the Apartments Astra. The Apartments Astra are situated at the very heart of the Zelena Laguna Resort, where the action is. It was the construction of the Apartments Astra, in the shade of oaks and cedars along the beach, that marked the beginning of Zelena Laguna Resort’s development.

Hotel Zelena Laguna - Istra

Hotel Zelena Laguna - Istra ✰✰✰

At Hotel Laguna Istra a piece of Mediterranean heaven is waiting for you. Situated only 200 m from the beach, it is a perfect place for a family holiday in Poreč. Our entertainment team will ensure that you and your family have an unforgettable vacation, and you should definitely try local specialties in hotel restaurants.

Hotel Zelena Laguna - Gran Vista

Hotel Zelena Laguna - Gran Vista ✰✰✰

Istria and Poreč are famous for beautiful nature, and owing to its location, the Hotel Laguna Gran Vista offers breathtaking views. While you are resting, enjoying the clean sea and Mediterranean air you can have a go at a number of sports activities available at the nearby sports centre –including football, handball, tennis and sailing.

Hotel Zelena Laguna - Plavi

Hotel Zelena Laguna - Plavi ✰✰✰

Istrian and Poreč beaches are famous throughout Europe and worldwide, and by staying at the Hotel Plavi you will have one right under your nose. The hotel has many assets, namely the spectacular sunset you may watch from the hotel, surrounded by glass walls dispersing light in all colours of the Mediterranean.

Hotel Laguna Molindrio

Hotel Laguna Molindrio ✰✰✰✰

This harmonious blend of the modern and the traditional is the perfect place for your holiday on the Poreč Riviera. Laguna Molindrio's amenities include a wellness centre, a mini tness centre, a playground and a mini-club for children.

All Inclusiv Hotel Laguna Albatros

All Inclusiv Hotel Laguna Albatros ✰✰✰✰

Each moment of your holiday here will be a true pleasure. The hotel beach and a well- equipped sport centre are located right next to the hotel, whose numerous all- inclusive offerings will make your holiday especially affordable.


The price list can be found on our page PRICES & BOOKING.

Map of resort



Poreč - a city with a thousand-year history - offers something for every taste – sports courts, restaurants, clubs, beautiful scenery and plentiful entertainment options for children. You’ll find this and so much more in the hotels, camps and apartments of Laguna Poreč.


A true gem of the Mediterranean, Poreč preserved the charm of a small coastal town, but has all the features and amenities of a tourist destination that will make your holiday interesting and pleasant. You will discover concerts of classical music and jazz, folklore festivals and street art, museums and galleries as well as countless shops and restaurants. During the tumultuous history of Poreč, the influence of different nations and cultures interweaved in this area – Histri, Romans, Ostrogoths, Franks, Slavic peoples, Venetians, Austrians… The precious cultural heritage can be noticed at every turn.

By taking a walk through Poreč you’ll be passing through the same streets as the old Romans a long time ago. It was almost 2000 years ago when Poreč obtained the status of a city of the Roman Empire. Ever since the 3rd century it has been a diocese, and the town had self-government since as early as the 12th century. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, in 1861 it was pronounced the seat of the Istrian parliament. Remains of the Roman sanctuary with temples, medieval fortifications, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque palaces are well worth a visit. The Euphrasian Basilica built in the 6th century, with famous mosaics, which is protected by UNESCO holds a special place among them. Check for yourself why the Roman patricians built their luxurious villas and celebrated the beauty of life precisely in the Poreč area.

However, Poreč is much more than its rich history and cultural heritage. Today, Poreč and its surroundings are a tourist mecca and a perfect holiday destination, wherever you

may stay – at a nice hotel, pleasant camping or any of the numerous comfortable apartments. Poreč offers something for every taste – sports facilities, restaurants, night clubs, spectacular landscapes and plenty of amenities for children. You’ll find all this, and much more, in hotels, campsites, villas and apartments of Laguna Poreč. Have a dream holiday in Poreč, get to know Istria, fall in love with Croatia.





    Price per person / night
Double room Single Room

Hotel Delfin **

Full Board 60 Euro 70 Euro
Half Board 50 Euro 60 Euro

Hotels Zelena Laguna ***

Gran Vista / Istra / Plavi

Full Board 75 Euro 85 Euro
Half Board 65 Euro 75 Euro

* Prices include obligatory tourist tax

    Apartment for 4

Apartments Astra **

(meals served in hotel Delfin**)

Full Board 55 Euro  
Half Board 45 Euro  
    Double Room Single Room
 Hotel Laguna Molindrio **** Full Board 85 Euro 95 Euro
  Half Board 76 Euro 86 Euro

All inclusive Hotel Laguna Albatros ****

All Inclusive 100 Euro 120 Euro

Download: Application form for Hotel Reservation

Price includes ...

  • accommodation as booked
  • HB = buffet dinner and breakfast (beverages with dinner at 3* hotels only)
  • HB = buffet dinner and breakfast (beverages with dinner at 3* hotels only)
  • FB = buffet dinner, lunch and breakfast (beverages with dinner at 3* hotels only
  • Obligatory tourist tax 
  • Judo Festival sports venues, participation in camps and other Festivals activities BUT you have to register for the activities. There are limited spaces available for each and we recommend registering your interest as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 


Child on extra bed
For a 
child accompanied by 2 adults the following discounts are offered: 

  • 0 - 3 years (extra bed) 100%
  • 4 - 6 years (extra bed) 70%
  • 7 - 13 years (extra bed) 50%
  • 14 - 17 years (extra bed) 20%

*Accompanied by 2 adult, minimum 7 nights stay
Discounts apply only on accommodation in Hotels Discounts apply only on accommodation in Hotels
Please note: Extra bed in hotel Delphin is not possible.
Final choice of *** Hotels depends on the total occupancy.

Special proposal

Participants of other festival activities not using one of the offcial hotels or not booking through the organisation will be charged 50€ per person (adults and children) for participation in the Festival. 

Participiants have to book in the full lenght of the Event they are participating.

Participants of OTC and Cadet TC must stay at the offcial hotels booking through the organizer.
Participation is not possible if it is not booked via the organiser. There are no extra participation fee for cadet TC.

The ORGANISER will offer for groups bigger than 30 persons, accommodation for free for one person per 30 persons booked (this means, in case a group consists of 31 persons, only 30 are charged, for a group consisting of 62, 60 persons are charged, also).

Possible reservations of extra rooms after the hotel reservation deadline will be surcharged with an additional 10%


Hotel reservation deadline: 1st May 2020.

Possible reservations of extra rooms after the hotel reservation deadline will be surcharged with an additional 10%

Participiants have to book official accommodation via Organizing Committee of Festival in the full lenght of the Event they are participating at.

How can I book this Holiday trip?

Send us your request per email or call our hotline (ENG, RUS): 

HOTLINE: +385 99 492 6685


Laguna POREČ

Aquapark Aquacolors Poreč

The new aquapark Aquacolors Poreč located 2 kilometres south of Poreč, near our Zelena Laguna and Plava Laguna Resorts, is one of the largest water parks in the south-east Europe. Built on a 10 hectare site in an attractive location, the 25 million euro in- vestment will be a good boost to the area. The new water park has 12 various water attractions and slides, heated pools, kids activities, restaurants and a relax-zone.

Aquacolors Poreč offers a high quality service in combination with a great ex- perience. Absolute priorities in aquapark are quality and safety. This is one of the most modern aquaparks in Europe, with new attractions. Aquacolors Poreč is an excellent addition to the tourist offering in Istria.


Aeropark Vrsar

The Sports Airport Vrsar is located is the middle of green fields alongside the Adriatic coast, not far from Lim Channel, a protected natural phenomenon. Providing panoramic flights over Istria or flights to Venice, the airport is the perfect stop for any inquisitive traveller. At the Aeropark, you can visit an exhibition of old planes, open all year round. There is also a small picture gallery featuring the history of aviation in Istria, an exhibition of artifacts linked to flying, a corner for the kids, and a charming terrace that is partly set under the wing of an oldtimer plane, providing a unique experience. Several of the larger airplanes are open to visitors, letting you take a look at the cockpits.

Ski-Lift Poreč

Ski Lift Poreč is a 650-meter long cableway for water skiing (sport and recre- ation) in Zelena Laguna. It was built in 1990 and after 20 years of its existence new management (LIKO d.o.o.) took over the cableway facility and surrounding sport objects in 2009. The Ski Lift was then renovated along with the restau- rant/bar in which different foods and drinks are served.

Dinopark Funtana

The first Croatian show and theme park is located in the heart of Istria, about 25 minutes drive from the Slovenian border, not far away from Poreč. One part of the park is located in an old quarry with moving dinosaurs in life-size, surrounded by beautiful nature, trees, with more than 1.5 km wooden track.




Motodrom Poreč

The best racetrack (motodrom) in Croatia, built in 1999 offers safe, exciting and adrenalin-packed fun for individual clients, families and organized groups and team building events.

Located just few minutes away from the center of Poreč, racetrack is open throughout the year. Due to its extensive, high-quality programs, Motodrom Poreč continually fulfills clients’ expectations.


Parenzana train

Live a unique experience through a ride on a Parenzana tourist train through tunnels and viaducts along the route of historical narrow railroad Parenzana. Apart from riding through Istrian landscape and visiting magnificent places of central Istria, you will be offered tastings of local dishes and beverages. “Veli Jože Tour” offers trips from Vižinada to Motovun and from Motovun to Vižina- da. With a distinctive whistle of the conductor, you peek into history and relive the legend of Veli Jože.


Boat excursion and fish picnic

Our family is generations ago traditionally bound to an activities by the sea. It used to be to fishery, and today it is to tourism. Love towards sea and boats makes possible for us to do our job with love and pleasure, and to please any guest with quality service. A guest pleased with our service is our greatest award.

Vina Laguna

Wine, cheese, olive oil degustation

Judo Festival 2019 Application Form

Please fill out the form and send it to


Airport Pula

Croatia (international code PUY) - distance from Poreč 60km

  • Individuals (1-3 persons) 70 € per car – one way
  • Groups traveling together (4+ persons) 30 € per person – one way

Airport Trieste

Italy (international code TRS); distance from Poreč 130km

  • Individuals (1-3 persons) 110 € per car – one way
  • Groups traveling together (4+ persons) 50 € per person – one way

Airport Ljubljana

Slovenia (international code LJU); distance from Poreč 190 km

  • Individuals (1-3 persons) 140 € per car – one way
  • Groups traveling together (4+ persons) 65 € per person – one way

Other Airports (no transport service)

Airport VENICE (VCE) (240 km from Poreč)
Airport ZAGREB (zag)(260 km from Poreč)


The organizer will provide transfers between the Airport and official hotel and between the official hotel and competition venue.

Transportation will be offered only to those participants who are accommodated via organizer.



Medical Certificate

The medical certificate of the participants are not required. The participants and guests will compete under the full personal responsibility.


Each participants or guest of Festival is responsible for insuring its against ’injury and third part risk (public liability)’ during the period of the event. The European Judo Union and Croatian Judo Federation declines all responsibility. Neither the organizer of the event, or the European Judo Union (nor any of its officials or members) will be liable or responsible for any personal injury nor for any loss or damage to your property arising out of your participation and travelling in connection with these events.


Board & Staff

Project Manager

Hrvoje Lindi

Responsible person for Education

Carmen Calvo

Responsible person for Booking

Siniša Ergotić


You have questions about the Judo Festival? Send us your request. We support English, German, Italian and Russian language.

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